multilayered in a sentence

Example sentences for multilayered

Some impressive graphics-compression routines were combined with a proprietary motion-capture system to make a multilayered world.
Over the millennia it evolved into today's simple but multilayered game of tiles and strategy.
With multilayered clothing, a computer must account for potentially thousands of collisions at once.
But viral drugs can take effect only if they can slip past the multilayered defenses of the human immune system.
Her costumes are so graphic, and multilayered, and strong-same as her character.
Parking space is embedded in a partially sunken multilayered structure, atop which is the main pedestrian entry path to the arena.
Elaborate multilayered fancy cakes evolved into seemingly simpler manifestations-two layers, all gussied up.
The bags are made of complex, multilayered polymers that allow controlled amounts of oxygen to enter and exit.
When a salamander loses a leg, specialized epithelial cells cover the wound, forming a multilayered structure.
They're far-reaching, multilayered games of money and power.
New multihued, multilayered paints can seem to change color, depending on the light and viewing angle.
At that time a somewhat dry, multilayered chocolate devil's food cake was considered the ultimate.
Bureaucratic, multilayered planning laws do need an overhaul.
It's actually quite a substantive and multilayered controversy.
The notion of this multilayered city is difficult to explain.
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