multilateral in a sentence

Example sentences for multilateral

Foundations, for example, usually cover the start-up costs of a multilateral program but don't want to be long-term supporters.
Model education, social, and environment programs are underway with support from multilateral development organizations.
As a result, the report notes, more avenues for multilateral research collaboration are opening up.
It's obvious that conservation takes a backseat to political and economic influences when dealing with multilateral agreements.
Multilateral possession of nuclear weapons would discourage, not encourage, aggression.
The emphasis should still be on orderly multilateral arrangements rather than unilateral action.
Some advocates are calling for an increase in global health funding from global and multilateral donors.
No high level envoys were sent to ward off the crisis or to mediate, and no multilateral diplomatic initiative was launched.
The first is that this could mark the beginning of a better multilateral economic system.
Trade experts declared the trade talks dead and fretted about the future of the multilateral system.
As the cases multiply, a mockery is made of multilateral efforts to fend off protection.
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