mulled in a sentence

Example sentences for mulled

As the new chancellor mulled cutbacks, she leaned on the revamped plan.
Having mulled these arguments, the court will decide next month whether to confirm the charges.
Journalists and aid workers were denied access to them, as the government mulled keeping them captive for a year or so.
Waiters brought out hot mulled wine for the riders and long-stemmed carrots for the horses.
Mulled wine, handmade wooden toys and the best gingerbread around can be found in these historic markets.
State mulled over accepting the permit for a full week before accepting the permit.
For an hour they mulled over the questions and marked their answer sheets.
The mingled aromas of mulled wine and gingerbread, thousands of starry lights and stalls heaving with crafts and gifts.
One is a deep bronze-colored mulled cider sorbet with hints of cinnamon, allspice and clove.
When planning your holiday parties ladle up the punch and hot-mulled cider in reusable cups.
The aluminum single hung windows evaluated in this report are individual and twin mulled, non-impact resistant windows.
We have examined the respondent's proffer and mulled his contentions.
Join us for a cup of tea or mulled cider, tea sandwiches and sweets.
In our barn shop, warm yourself by our antique wood stove and enjoy mulled cider and treats, and goodie bags for the kids.
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