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They still had to bring in mules, but they felt ok about it.
In a large pack-train much time and labor are lost every morning collecting the mules which strayed while grazing.
Mules, motorcycles, and roaring pickup trucks compete for space on the gutted road.
All those mules with their forelegs broken pushed over into the shallow water.
Among the family's few possessions are two white mules and a television set.
Mules in particular are adept at kicking forward with their hind feet, a practice sometimes described as a cow kick.
Mules are the result of mating between horses and donkeys.
There is a long tradition of horses and mules helping visitors reach the high country.
Ropes were tied to the boat and to the horses or mules.
Legal hunting activities may use horses and mules during specified hunting seasons.
Horses and mules are allowed at night during furbearing season.
Mules were usually used, as they were stronger animals.

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Children, confine your lights in jellied rules; Resemble graves; be metaphysical mules; Learn Lord will not... more
If the physicians had not their cassocks and their mules, if the doctors had not their square caps and thei... more
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