mule deer in a sentence

Example sentences for mule deer

Mule deer and other animals eat the tender plants that grow in its shade.
The same thing holds true in areas where mule deer have their fawns, he believes.
Animals commonly seen in the park include bison, elk and mule deer.
Mountain goats, cougars, wild turkeys and mule deer are some signature wildlife species.
Watch for raccoons and mule deer wandering through the park early in the morning and in the evenings.
Mule deer and coyotes are common sights, and fishermen come here for the access to the river.
The lodge is located in a remote area surrounded by wildflowers, elk, moose and mule deer.
The mule deer was so named for an obvious reason-those oversized ears.
To hunt white-tailed or mule deer, you need a hunting license and a regular deer tag.
Mule deer inhabit virtually all habitat types in the unit.
However, under experimental conditions, mule deer fawns and elk calves have died from fluke infection.
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