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But there the road terminates, and the only method of progression possible is on the back of a mule.
It takes six hours to hike from the canyon rim to the village, or three hours by mule.
The mule transfers the money to the crook's chosen account.
It's not so long ago that almost everyone was still a farmer, and with a horse or mule instead of a tractor.
The car is still undergoing development, hence the test mule pics, and is slated for launch in about a year.
It took the loads from dozens of wagons and put them on a barge that could be pulled by a single mule or maybe two.
One bad step, and the mule team could run the wagons off a cliff.
Mule deer and other animals eat the tender plants that grow in its shade.
Gaze up from the trout to spot mule deer or bighorn sheep in the sage hills.
Levine's designs: a velvet mule with rolled leather heel, top, and stiletto-heeled pumps.
He either resembled a bucking bronco or a stubborn mule.
The ordinary fibre trunk is good for rail and steamer travel, but it is absolutely unpractical for mule-back or canoe.
Hybrids such as the mule, a cross between a donkey and a horse, are sterile.
He took a pack mule and a rifle, promising the guys he'd be back by sunset with dinner.
Those well-known mule trips into the canyon require reservations far in advance.
Then they'd take a mule's jawbone and rattle the stick across its teeth.
The mule drivers, usually the children, would develop affection for and an awareness of the mules' idiosyncrasies.

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