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Example sentences for mulch

Odds and ends go into the wood chipper to make heating fuel, and sawdust is spread around the trees for mulch.
The farm relies as much as possible on such predators as well as good mulch.
In a minute, the spider took off and hid under some mulch presumably to happily munch on some flies.
Water your lawn in the early morning or at night to avoid losses from evaporation and use mulch to trap moisture.
The weathered chunks exude a sweet, earthy aroma likened to tobacco, pine or mulch.
The residue can be put into a shallow grave and turns to mulch in about a year.
Mulch, manure and organic weedkillers are also used.
They are also recyclable--they usually end up as mulch n your local city parks.
And for added drama, the pests that bothered the potato may be lurking in the mulch, waiting to irritate the tomato.
It wasn't the kind you use on bulletin boards but something coarse and dark, the color of damp pine mulch.
The result ought to be a mutant mulch but is almost always a louche and canny delight.
The turtle picked a lush bed of mulch and mud, near a rose bush, and laid her eggs.
They typically shelter in crevices beneath vegetation and under rocks, pots, mulch and in any area that retains moisture.
Applying mulch and compost can aid in the retention of irrigation water.
Compost also makes good mulch to protect the areas around trees and shrubs.
Compost works well as a mulch to prevent weeds without chemical herbicides.
Mulch with salt hay or straw, which should be removed in early spring.
The blueberries set fruit copiously, but all they ask is acidity and mulch.
Infection commonly occurs when the skin is broken while handling plant materials such as rosebushes, briars, or mulch-rich dirt.
In some subdivisions, highly flammable mulch such as bark or wood chips is spread thickly, sometimes flush up against homes.
Add mulch, such as wood chips or bark mulch, to help the plants retain water.
Others defended their live trees, saying they are ground into mulch after the holiday.
Sites are primitive, gravel- or mulch-paved clearings in the trees without shelter or plumbing.
The mulch is particularly useful for azaleas and rhododendrons.
To conserve moisture and discourage weeds, apply a mulch around and between shrubs.
If you want to recycle leaves for compost or mulch, rake them up and run them through a shredder.
Decorative and functional, a dry-laid flagstone and mulch path leads the way to a patio retreat.
Where winters are cold, it's crucial to mulch strawberries to prevent winter damage.
Adding a few inches of mulch will help retain moisture.
Fill crevices with fast-draining cactus mix, tuck plants amid the rocks, and mulch with pea gravel.
Replenishing the mulch as it decomposes also aids in weed control.
All those circles around the pots and acting as a decorative mulch are pressure gaskets and seals from industry machinery.
Water them well after planting and top them with a mulch of well-composted manure.
Add a layer of mulch such as ground bark around the plant.
The plastic mulch is necessary in order to prevent evaporation.
To help suppress weeds, mulch plants instead of cultivating around them.
Many landfills reject mulch film because of pesticide residues.
The time to mulch a tree is right after you plant it.
However, the mulch is strictly for residents only and will be available throughout the fall.
Thick mulch can be harmful to shallow-rooted plants such as rhododendrons.
But the other two are full and the leaves are falling to be collected for compost and mulch.
Any open areas in lawns or gardens invite weeds, so use mulch or other ground covers to help fill in the areas.
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