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Muggy-Colloquially descriptive of warm and especially humid weather.
Humid or muggy conditions can add to the discomfort of high temperatures.
In the muggy heat, he's rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt.
Even though the sun had set hours ago, the air was still oppressively muggy, and my clothes immediately began sticking to my skin.
It was hot and a bit muggy and the wind was a bit stiff.
Summer was hot and muggy, while winter days were often shrouded in fog.
The material will help block the sun from beating down on you without making your head feel muggy and hot.
If things do get too muggy, unzip the adjustable mesh vents for bug-free cross ventilation.
The room is getting hot and muggy as the mission gets seriously underway.
The carpets were red, flags flew under a muggy sun and the honour guard stood crisply to attention.
It was hot and muggy, not long after the end of the rains, and the sky was bright and cloudless.
ON the hot and muggy days of summer, one turns to cold cuts for relief, as if they were air-conditioning.
Spring and summer tend to be warm, with extreme temperatures unusual, although the high humidity levels can make it feel muggy.
The muggy atmosphere makes these temperatures feel even more stifling to the human body.
It is not unusual to experience freezing temperatures, hot and muggy weather, and pouring rain all in the same day.
The nation's capital was muggy and dusty for much of the year.
Motherhood is what brings them together this muggy spring afternoon.
Daily temperatures are mild and offer a pleasant pause on either side of the city's muggy summer months.
So let's take a closer look at what happens when temperatures rise and the weather is muggy.
Children often play outside during hot, muggy summer afternoons.
He will discuss such topics as what causes nor'easters, muggy weather, and our climate.
Summers may be hot and muggy and winters are cold and occasionally severe.
During hot and muggy days, avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and drink plenty of water.

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