mugging in a sentence

Example sentences for mugging

Present policy tempts them to pay for their supply either by mugging innocents or by becoming proselytising suppliers themselves.
Better burglarizing of unoccupied houses than robbing and mugging.
His penchant for intimidating and mugging players seems to override reacting to the ball.
Even if the world has not fully achieved a peaceful new order, its tolerance for political mugging is declining dramatically.
All three had arrest records for robbery and mugging.
The economically compulsive model suggests that some drug users engage in crimes such as mugging to support their drug use.
The animals were captured using a variety of methods including net gunning, darting, and mugging on drive-net operations.
The guy wasn't mugging for the cameras--he ran right at the mound.
Mugging for cameras and walking a king's walk, he knows it.
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