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Example sentences for muffin

Another tip is to portion the pesto into muffin cups, freeze, and then place the frozen pesto cups in a freezer storage bag.
Put two or three buttered muffin rings in the water.
Break each egg separately into a saucer, and carefully slip into a muffin ring.
Press into standard sized muffin tins, bake until golden brown.
The mayor of the bookstore coffee shop, for instance, gets a free muffin every time he or she makes a purchase.
Cut dough into rounds with cookie cutter and line eight sections of a mini-muffin tin with dough.
He once said that he particularly liked books that had old muffin crumbs in them.
Muffin crumbs in your computer would not be a good idea.
Griffin's scones are so light and moist that they fall between cake and a well-made muffin.
Add grated zucchini, carrots, or apples to plain muffin mix.
But don't worry-they are surprisingly straightforward to put together in a muffin pan.
He finally devised a muffin shortcake that absorbs plenty of berry juice but doesn't disintegrate.
With soup and a salad, this muffin makes a wonderful lunch.
It's much easier to say what a good muffin should be.
Butter four compartments of a metal muffin tin well.
Try a whole grain muffin or cereal bar in the morning instead of the doughnut, and add a piece of fruit.
For breakfast, you can pack cereal or buy a muffin, bagel or other inexpensive item.
To stack sticky or soft cookies, think about using parchment paper or muffin tin or cupcake liners.
Using an ice cream scoop, distribute dough evenly into muffin tins prepared with vegetable spray.
But hotels are going to give me coffee and a muffin and that's it.
Place paper baking cups in muffin tin or lightly coat muffin tin with cooking spray.
Use a non-stick muffin pan, muffins paper, or coat the pan with oil or cooking spray.
We also have a state fruit, muffin, and other symbols.
Use a regular muffin tin with liners and put a rolled up piece of tin foil to create a heart shape.
If the muffin fan in the data logger enclosure fails also check the thermostat for a proper setting.
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