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Peel the lemons and muddle the peels with the sugar.
Somehow, however, he has managed to shine a veneer of impartiality on the entire muddle.
The coalition government is in a muddle about taxing wealth.
Using the heel of a butter knife, muddle for about a minute until it forms a tea.
Marijuana is infamous for its ability to muddle thoughts and dull reactions.
Those who would let a fading language go extinct argue that the fewer languages around to muddle understanding, the better.
However, this situation may not be the hopeless muddle it appears.
So not only are the parties left to muddle through, but they are muddling through in public.
The bad news is, large parts were an unconvincing muddle.
Many news outlets covered the paper, and many made a muddle of it.
Congratulations on finding yourself in one thoroughly modern muddle.
When protégé and mentors are too close, their differential status can muddle things.
These add to a sense of policy muddle in the region.
The beneficiary of all this drift and muddle ought to be the opposition.
The obstacles to fundamental change are so forbidding that leaders will always be tempted to try to muddle through.
The government swiftly got itself into a muddle over drugs policy.
We all went through the poverty of grad school but you muddle through.
The bad news is that the organization of the show is something of a muddle.
In large pitcher, combine gin and rinds, and muddle for two minutes.
At first the government tried to muddle through by trying to recapitalise the insurer.
Efficiency and muddle have evidently swapped places.
There is a profound muddle about what a default would entail.
How he dodges this dilemma and gets into a muddle forms one of the amusing gestures in the tale.
The world economy may well muddle through, as it has so often in the past.
The film is as much of a visual muddle as a dramatic one.
If you muddle through your tasks, your bonus is that you get demoted.
Some of us muddle our way through those nine months.
In the muddle of ideas, that was the one which stood out clearly.
Here he is the observer of military muddle and futility: outrage on a grand scale.
There are tens of thousands to choose from-more than enough to find myself in the muddle known as the paradox of choice.
Muddle the peels of three lemons in the sugar to release the oils.
The contest is a muddle that is decided at a brokered convention.
Peel the tangerine and muddle the fruit in a shaker.
The flight was long and rough and ended in an odd yet disconcerting muddle.
He believes that in the muddle resulting from an increase in violence he will always come out the winner.
Somehow, in the rush and muddle, that point didn't get made.
As a species our inclination is to muddle on, because that's what biological and cultural evolution drill into us.
The ideal of objectivity is often an illusion, and only produces a muddle.
He's also helping to muddle our collective scientific literacy.
The tricky problem here is that this is a muddle of civilian and military concerns.
Avoiding the muddle of group journalism is also a challenge.
Even with the current policy muddle, convergence is fitfully proceeding.
He'll probably muddle through seven more years of partisan acrimony, small-bore achievements, and bitter disappointment.
It's more likely they'll muddle through, because all parties have so much to lose if they fail.
It's not clear that a good solution exists, but everyone feels compelled to muddle on anyway.
Clearly, there is considerable diversity-one might even say muddle-on this topic in theological circles.
Its silence will only serve to anger investors more, and further muddle firms' varying policies regarding such situations.
It kind of happens all at once in this big confusing muddle.
It's entirely possible that we'll eventually muddle through without a second major event.
Even when they aren't motivated by politics or ideology, historians muddle what really happened.
They had to muddle their way to success through policy failures and bureaucratic infighting.
And the uncertainty will blight the euro-area economy even if the muddle-through strategy does work.
The familiar policy of trying to muddle through may not be an option for long.
The problem is that the valid criticisms are buried under a heap of error, muddle and deliberate distortion.
As the song goes, we'll have to muddle through somehow.
Western governments have reacted with shock and muddle.
There's a muddle at quarterback and a couple of sizable holes at linebacker.
And one part of the region's deadly muddle has gotten worse.
To muddle matters further, deals between content owners and content distributors are often temporary.

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