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Example sentences for moxie

Of course, it takes a certain amount of moxie or youthful insouciance to actually make the look work.
The girl has moxie, you gotta give her that.
The son of a shop teacher, he had the woodcrafting moxie to build his own track.
My theory is that the rider's cowboy hat contributes mightily to the judges' impression of the animal's moxie.
For some reason, I just love the moxie on this.
Likewise, no candidate has mustered the moxie to propose solutions to our nation's growing gridlock.
Espa mud contains apricot kernel oil, watercress extract and the moxie to transform my so-so hair into a full-on swingy do.
May the younger generation of the family learn from your wisdom, strength, moxie and love.
His main resources were charm, moxie and a capacity to work killer hours.
It's hard not to love an author who has the moxie - and the sad experience - to write that scene.
To say that he was filled with moxie from an early age would be an understatement.
Some of his peers appreciate his moxie in starting a luxury label in the middle of a recession.
But what some candidates lacked in experience or art education, they made up for in moxie.
Such moxie is the preserve of the exceptionally talented.
Green's acting, in a character that relies more on moxie than on prettiness, is both more outrageous and more coherent.
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