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The lawns in the inner sanctum are freshly mown and watered.
He pulls to the side of the road and gets out, climbing a hill up to a field of new-mown hay.
His dark hair is freshly mown and slicked back from a perfect part.
And legumes flower and fall and fill the land with the fragrance of new-mown hay.
Cattle may be lured by the smell of freshly mown hay, or a bull may become aggressive if he detects a cow in heat.
Image shows a mown hay field with two large haystacks near a double rail fence.
Both areas are somewhat disturbed-one site is lightly grazed and the other is occasionally mown.
Cornfields may also provide a good seedbed provided the stubble is mown as short as possible.
Pastures should be either grazed or mown for hay to encourage new growth of high-quality forage.
By alternating areas mown each year, valuable winter food and cover will be available for wildlife during the winter.

Famous quotes containing the word mown

The foolish fears of what might happen. I cast them all away Among the clover-scented grass, Among the new-mownmore
But he had gone his way, the grass all mown, And I must be, as he had been,—alone, 'As all must be,' I s... more
"My mother thinks us long away; 'Tis time the field were mown. She had two sons at rising day, To-night she... more

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