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Example sentences for mowing

Ford began to experiment with making his own engine, using a recycled mowing machine.
Oh the day is near, and have no fear the clown car will be mowing some down to size.
By this stage, many weeds will have been killed by mowing or crowded out by the growing lawn.
The simple step of mowing high can eliminate a lot of weeds.
If wastebaskets and lawn mowing are big problems, your problems aren't that big.
Knock on the door or walk over when they're mowing the lawn.
We share this impatience with hothouse coteries and tend to charge ahead, mowing down everything in our paths.
Scientists say a perfect green lawn that never needs mowing may soon become a reality.
Poor schlumps in the suburbs, the only monsters with families,mortgages to pay and lawns that need mowing.
The bill also would provide a means for revoking a mowing mandate and returning mowing responsibility to landowners.
Boom mowing consists of cutting brush from the sides of the roadway.
If not completely controlling crown vetch, mowing offers a method of stopping its spread.
Failure to pay for mowing may result in a lien being placed against the property.
Children should never be in the yard while you're mowing, and they should never ride on the mower.
Also his advice on mowing height, particularly in the heat of the summer.

Famous quotes containing the word mowing

Then now is the chance for the flowers That can't stand mowers and plowers. It must be now, though, in season Before the... more
We raised a simple prayer Before we left the spot, That in the general mowing That place might be forgot;... more
I sometimes compare press officers to riflemen on the Somme—mowing down wave upon wave of distortion, tak... more
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