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Of-course this also requires a large lawn mower, gas trimmer and other gas-powered tools to maintain.
One guy has a home made plug in electric car powered by a law mower engine to boost his range.
And in the fall, instead of raking the leaves, chop them up with the mower and leave them there.
The riding mower out over east at the softball field was still going back and forth.
Their vehicles are not the yard chuggers of yore, powered by buzzing lawn-mower engines.
As an individual participant you can trade in your gas-powered mower for a new cordless electric mower at a discounted price.
Materials to promote gas-powered lawn mower trade-ins.
Broken pieces of the blade can be propelled from underneath the mower, possibly injuring the operator or a bystander.
The piece attaching the blade to the mower can crack and break off.
The broken piece or the blade can be propelled from underneath the mower, possibly injuring the operator or a bystander.
Tips on reducing air pollution from small engines such as lawn-mower engines.
Be sure the mower blades or accessories are disengaged.
Get periodic tune-ups, maintain sharp mower blades, and keep the underside of the deck clean.
Be sure the mower will not tip or roll during the starting operation.
The mower was intended to be operated only by an adult and designed accordingly.
The operator could control the mower's movement and blade engagement.
Be alert and turn the mower off if children enter the area.

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