moving van in a sentence

Example sentences for moving van

Such possessions are loaded onto the moving van when the president leaves.
The last vehicle to attempt our street was a moving van.
The mobile system consists of two moving van-sized trucks, each equipped with instrumentation and equipment.
He was not killed, but instead severely beaten up and thrown out of a moving van, which provided an opportunity to run away.
He still works in a tiny office about the size of a moving van, scattered with buckets of grain and cigarette butts.
The slowly moving van was pulling a small trailer loaded with two all-terrain vehicles.
My children's father owns a cross-country moving van.
Do not interfere with areas such as handicapped parking, driveways or moving van access zones.
Include this list with the paperwork accompanying your move, and give it to the driver of the moving van.

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American Archangel you are going— your body as big as a moving van— the houses, the highways are turnin... more
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