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And new mobile applications, such as location-based services and augmented reality, are moving into the mainstream.
The lever is a beautiful thing when it comes to moving rocks around-one that makes you feel considerably stronger than you are.
Include tall and low elements throughout the room to keep your eye moving.
Make sure the photocopy and watercolor paper are not moving while you work.
He does it by moving containerized tropicals under a corrugated plastic roof.
They started planting within days of moving in, eight years ago.
They're often too tiny or too fast-moving to be easily seen, and they tend to conceal themselves well.
Or use a bubbler attachment on the hose, moving it as needed.
The presence of the tall ghostly figure, moving slowly through the halls, he took as a reproach to himself.
Great nations of the world are moving toward democracy through the door to freedom.
In moving the adoption of a resolution the preamble is not usually referred to, as it is included in the resolution.
And courtesies to the regiments, the guidons moving by.
It was indeed the perfect semblance of a maiden that seemed to be alive, and only prevented from moving by modesty.
So are steps such as moving more transactions online, to reduce contact with officials.
Negative equity may be deterring some people from moving.
What is true of locomotives is also true of the world's large, fast-moving countries.
As their traditional business declines, the music companies are moving into live music and merchandise.
Moving the capital would reduce delays and hence costs-in theory.
Firms there are eager to gain an edge on their rivals by moving closer to the customer.
Of course, the objective of someone in a moving crowd is usually fairly simple-to get somewhere and then stay there.
Unfortunately, perceptions of crack cocaine appear to be moving in the opposite direction.
He must keep the city moving throughout the winter, or face the wrath of the locals.
Of course, she's the one moving backwards-a vivid illustration of the time-reversibility of the laws of physics.
Holding your arm out of the window of a moving car easily illustrates this phenomenon.
Those with the longer tails seem to be moving faster.
The ceiling fan, on the other hand, is built to keep the occupants of a room comfortable by moving air gently.
Adaptive lenses change magnification without moving.
It is physically impossible to throw a baseball slower than your arm is moving.
Try looking at the pictures without blinking or moving at all.
They asked volunteers to describe how they perceived the motion of moving lines seen through apertures.
Of late there has been much talk about moving towards a solar energy future.
Let's say that a rolling billiard ball is moving toward a glancing collision with a stationary billiard ball.
In more prosperous times, many employers reimbursed new employees' moving expenses.
The surest sign that a candidate is moving up comes when he is attacked by an opponent.
Often, you hear weather forecasters refer to a storm or low-pressure area moving toward your region.
The relatively thin stratus clouds have slow, upward moving air currents.
Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of moving water.
The researchers had expected to find that, the farther away clusters are, the slower they appear to be moving.
That's because people are moving into areas that once were wilderness.
The carousel of life keeps turning, in time showing sides you might never see while moving with it.
We might think about it moving around in quite an agile way amongst the vegetation.
It's the dome itself, creaking as it rotates to keep its opening centered above the slowly moving telescope inside.
Such a moving image depicting a world that is so difficult to accurately capture.
The moving photo collage was a strange sight, yet not unfamiliar.
Even when the ocean seems calm, swells are moving water up and down sufficiently to generate electricity.
And so by moving quickly they essentially got locked into place into the diamond structure.
She began moving a ball of dough back and forth between her hands, until she'd formed a large pancake.
After all, presidents have little time to make a mark before moving on to their next job.
It's tough to run a restaurant, what with all the moving parts.
She is an outspoken advocate of moving federal farm policies toward conservation and sustainable land use.
Turn it over and cook second side in same way, moving tortilla around to compensate for any hot spots on comal if necessary.
He started to swirl the liquid in the pan, his hands moving slowly at first, deliberately.
Beginning at one edge, press the rolling pin down onto the dough to flatten it, moving it across the dough in increments.
Some of us were already delaying marrying and moving back with our parents before the recession.
After swimming two hundred yards, he sees that he is moving in exactly the wrong direction.
The electrons shoot toward a phosphor plate, creating the moving image.
And they are controlled with conscious effort, meaning the user can do little else while moving the limb.
Conversely, plasmas have a wider viewing angle and show crisper images of fast-moving objects.
First, the algorithm examines pixels in the video frames to see how fast each pixel is moving and in which direction.
The rerouted nerves then grow into the muscles, which contract when the patient thinks about moving the lost limb.
Moving water is fairly straightforward on the human scale: a pump or a bucket will usually do the trick.
It is also simpler, with fewer moving parts and hinges, which means less maintenance.
Yet this relationship masks longstanding technological and practical differences between still and moving-image cameras.
Today's computers rely on moving and storing electronic charge in semiconductors.
Patients control the chair simply by imagining they are moving a part of the body.
Charging and discharging a lithium-ion battery involves moving lithium ions into and out of the anode.
The latest revolution in the rapidly moving field of genome sequencing is upon us--single-molecule sequencing.
For that, deep layers of magma will also have to stop moving.
Great to see they are moving forward with the e-ink technology toward the realm of color.
Fortunately, while tsunamis are fast, they are not as fast-moving as the earthquakes themselves.
The science of invisibility is rapidly moving from a focus on research to a focus on development.
When you're at a party, you can solve the problem by moving within earshot.
In remote viewing their position, an enormous time dilation caused the crew to appear moving in slow motion.
The last vehicle to attempt our street was a moving van.
She complains about it, and says she hopes she didn't make a mistake moving back.
There's also a moving subplot of dislocation and downward mobility in the author's own family.
The voice is my favorite instrument because it's so idiosyncratic, human, and moving.
The checklist below covers many of the tasks you may need to do before you move, depending on how far you'll be moving.
With all the things that you have to do each day, finding the time and motivation to get moving can be challenging.
Shipments where customer pays moving charges at the time of delivery.
They've adapted to these different ways of making a living, in part by evolving different ways of moving around.
Moreover, the farther away they are, the faster they appear to be moving.
Information moving through cyberspace travels in tiny packets that hopscotch around the world.
If you took physics in high school, you might remember that a magnetic field is produced only by moving electric charges.
The difference between the two species of ground-moving bats is not surprising when you consider where they live.
The leader of the pod catches the telltale speckled light of armored squid, moving in an immense shoal a thousand strong.
The first three include moving forward and back, side to side, and up and down.
He and others went on to show that a slight pulse of electricity moving through the metal to the nerve was responsible.
Lieu invokes the example of clocks and moving trains to explain the flaw in current thinking.
The demon allows only fast moving particles to enter one room, and only slow moving particles to enter the other room.
Two people moving relative to each other can even disagree on the order in which two events take place.
Moving at high speed, when these slam into the metal walls of a satellite they are decelerated.
The ring forms from particles moving towards the edge of the drop as it dries.
Beta rays are simply fast-moving electrons, and alpha rays are fast-moving helium nuclei.
Electrons moving through a wire create a magnetic field.
Once fast-moving warheads are in space, they are tough to intercept, and decoys can easily fool even the best systems.
But from the point of view of the drug companies, it's easy to see why moving clinical trials overseas is so appealing.
Inside half a mile he's moving fast enough that wind-induced tears course down his cheeks.
It was, the businessmen emphasized, time to get things moving.
The family and staff look on, dabbing tears, and it's a genuinely moving scene.
Maximizing financial return to investors could mean slashing jobs, closing plants, and moving production overseas.
He's rubbing his neck, moving his malleable hair from left to right, and tugging at his eyebrows.
When done correctly, the dance will produce the illusion of walking forward while actually moving back.
You'll probably have a million things on your mind when you're moving into your new place.
The images of these monuments were extremely moving.
As the drawing appropriately shows, his absence hardly matters, since the traffic is not moving at all.
The book also contains moving tributes to friends and mentors, both dead and alive.
She must have known that she would be way out of her league, moving into an arena where she didn't even know the language.
More often, foot soldiers defeated the charge by moving out of the way of the horses or by occupying strong defensive positions.

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