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At the beginning of the semester they think it is going to be a bit of a bird course-watching movies, no exams, and so forth.
If you mean overhead projectors and movies with sound, say it.
After all, decades of movies have convinced us that going to college is an electric, transformational experience.
There is a long history of anthropologists recording visual images and even making movies as part of their scholarly research.
Another colleague has pizza parties and tells his students jokes half the time while showing them movies the other half.
Then again, television and movies shape our perceptions of all sorts of professions.
Focuses on how digital technologies have transformed the production, distribution, and experience of movies.
Brain-related events, movies, conferences and more.
These winged mammals inspire fear, wonder, and even movies.
But the effort paid off with two animated movies that dramatically illustrate the effects of a cometary collision.
Everyone has seen a depiction of hypnosis similar to this one in movies and on television.
He claims that video games, television and movies are more complex than ever, to the benefit of viewers' cognitive skills.
Now, actors don't usually meet their partners in school, and they're not cast in movies based on their diplomas.
Perhaps we're missing the point of science fiction robot movies.
Not all appearances of name-brand items in movies result from product placement.
But pivotally, those are good movies first and good animated movies second.
However, these movies never let you forget that their portraits are molded to fit the filmmakers' specific points of view.
Or, if they were to decide, two guys who have worked on three movies together.
The main attraction is still renting movies by mail, but now the company is producing its own indie flicks.
He had the strength of character back then to give up movies for good.
But the average cinema-goer probably won't notice anything different-same popcorn, same stars, same types of movies.
Cash from criminals was previously thought to finance many movies, and legitimate funds helped professionalise the industry.
In both of these movies, however, the device imagined acts to amplify the power and strength of the user.
In both of those movies, however, the device amplifies the user's power and strength.
In both these and other now less famous movies, her revolutionary approaches towards music and cinematography remain unquestioned.
Certain industries, such as the movies or banking, foster a particular culture.
It can also take pictures so rapidly that they can be strung together into movies.
Yet there's a strange corollary to this idea: namely, a parenthesizing of the role played by movies in the work of movie critics.
Dinosaurs as depicted in museums, movies and art today are sleek, brightly-colored and often feathered.
Now the trend of posthumous publication is seeping from books to movies.
There are plenty of other dinosaur movies that have never been made.
All other movies in the future would have something to shoot for.
Of course, this sort of thing is depicted in scifi movies a lot, and people are curious about it.
Limitless is one of the first movies to directly take on the idea of pharmaceutical enhancement.
But the effect used to produce movies is an illusion as well.
The library is a place for consulting star catalogs, not screening movies.
Not content merely to make movies, they have also owned a good number of the theaters in which they are shown.
Zombies, as any cultural critic who's ever written about zombie movies will tell you, are metaphors.
The trajectory of a successful actor's career has traditionally been television and then movies, but that seems to be changing.
Granted, if we're talking movies, we're talking notably attractive faces.
But perhaps it's all a case of nostalgia for the days of silent movies.
Take any two movies and find the people who have rated both of them.
Phantom arms, legs, fingers and toes: seemingly the stuff of horror movies.
For the first time, scientists have made movies of the birth of individual proteins in single cells.
More and more people are experiencing high-definition movies and television in breathtaking color and detail.
At the movies, users might try to identify an actor from a film trailer.
The technology is currently in use in animated movies and video games.
Most of my first-year undergraduate students know how to establish a website, how to post a message, how to post movies or text.
Movies aren't banished straight to video because they're bad.
The movies go on and on, but mourning for the cinema is everywhere.
If she's perfectly honest, she has to admit she doesn't much care for horror movies.
His work has been made into movies and television shows, and widely translated.
Not only that, but she also goes to movies and the theater.
Five second snapshots taken from one of the movies available below.
Yes, they come out with new holiday movies every year.

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