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When you decide on a silent film, try to see it in a movie theater.
Yes, there is still a drive-in movie theater within a reasonable distance to my house.
No cultural survey of the period would be complete without including the iconic drive-in movie theater.
The system had been in place a few months when when a tornado threw a car into a movie theater.
Three or four more were killed in an attempt to take over a movie theater.
If you've been to a movie theater during the last three years, you've no doubt noticed that the volume seems to be rather high.
Today this quaint thoroughfare is home to local stores and an independent movie theater.
The museum is currently housed in an old movie theater, but has so much material it plans to expand into a larger space.
Once a week throughout the summer, the cemetery becomes an outdoor movie theater.
HD technology and movie theater broadcasts are changing the way performing arts are produced.
For movie theater owners, the digital revolution is proving anything but peaceful.
Patronizing stereotypes of the people called upon to fight wars while the rest of us relax in a movie theater.
The closest mall and movie theater is one hour away.
In a movie theater, loudspeakers surround us with sound and transport us into illusion.
Overall movie theater attendance has actually risen during the recession, so the timing seems right.
Both are commodities, but one gets consumed in a crowded movie theater, they other in a checkout line.
Until recently the country's only courtroom was a former movie theater.
It also has several restaurants, a conference center and a multi-screen movie theater.
The local movie theater can be a terrific way to get the message out to a captive audience.
Most everyone has experienced this after entering a darkened movie theater.

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In a play ... a psychological loop is established between performers and audience. Nothing like this can occur in a more
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