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As its mouthful of a hyphenated name suggests, though, this town wasn't always so tight-knit.
It's a mouthful, figuratively, and yet still that is remarkably simplified from the actual processes that take place.
The frog enjoyed what he ate, but almost every mouthful she took choked her.
Or perhaps you're still recovering from a traumatic encounter with a mouthful of gristle.
Any attempt to get one good last breath will likely result in a mouthful of snow.
You're probably quite keen for an actual mouthful now.
Despite this size discrepancy, the hatchling would still have been a substantial mouthful.
They make for an unpleasant and possibly lethal mouthful.
Blue whales can eat half a million calories in a single mouthful.
When your opponent fights with a mouthful of razor-sharp daggers, it pays to give them something to aim for that isn't your head.
To ensure a sweet mouthful, the bees had to visit the central lights rather than relying on a single colour.
As you draw the mouthful through the sauce, you need to gather up as many chunks of pecan as possible.
Fletcher recommended chewing each mouthful of food one hundred times.
Despite their potentially enormous size and mouthful of teeth, there have been no recorded incidents of gars attacking humans.
As you savor each mouthful of a delectable dish, you're also biting into a tasty way to explore the world.
The whales then take turns lashing at the huddle with their flukes, stunning mouthful after mouthful.
The frog enjoyed what he ate, but almost every mouthful she took choked her.
The predator may have a mouthful of tail, but the main meal-the gecko-is safe.
Raggies look as if they're holding a mouthful of nails.
And so, when not saying a superfluous mouthful, is this picture.
Summer salads should be three things: colorful, chilled and full of many flavors that can all be savored in one mouthful.
Our yellowtail sashimi literally melts away into a mouthful of flavor.
About one mouthful in three in the diet directly or indirectly benefits from honey bee pollination.
Diving steeply into the water come up with a mouthful of fish.
The name is a mouthful, but the words define the region's characteristics.
Scientific names are often a mouthful, but each has a meaning.
Children and others can get sick if they dunk their heads or accidentally get a mouthful of polluted water.
The ventral pleats can expand to accommodate thousands of gallons of water and prey in a single mouthful.
Each creature has evolved a mouthful of tools best suited to its special life style.

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