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Example sentences for mouthed

Being closed mouthed is apart of our culture for many valid reasons.
Which means that your purple mouthed cry-juice might not be good for your heart after all.
On many campuses, the third-year review is cursory and mealy-mouthed.
There is one strong upside, however: this mealy-mouthed statement leaves the door open for dialogue.
The guy has no sense humor, as all he can come up there are filthy mouthed dark jokes and insults.
Above all, climate science has become the holy of holy: you can't question any part of it without being bad mouthed.
The loud-mouthed comic chose a sunny-hued halter dress.
Those are the same people who mouthed the same warnings last year.
Others reverently mouthed the rhymes under their breath, as if reciting a novena.
The politicians mouthed generalities about health care, larded with poignant anecdotes.
Don't tell me, don't tell me, she mouthed in rhythm to her racing heart.
Wash eating utensils, drinking cups, and mouthed toys well between uses.
In three cases consumers reported that children had mouthed the cover.
They are highly toxic and there has been cases where dogs that have mouthed these toads have died.
Toys and equipment that are likely to be mouthed by infants and toddlers must be made of a material that can be disinfected.

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