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She could see the tense moments in his eyes and in his habit of chewing on his moustache.
The goatee was gone, but the thin wisp of a moustache was evidence of my longing for manhood.
His moustache was a trademark insured for an incredible amount.
Prisoner's whiskers were about the same as now, except that he wore no moustache.
Facial moustache mark and more powerful flight are diagnostic.
Deceased was about five feet eight or nine inches high, sandy hair, goatee and moustache.
His hair is impeccably combed over the top, as usual, and the little moustache is perfectly trimmed.
Not long ago someone drew a moustache on the image of his face.
Around six feet tall, he was stocky and wore a trademark moustache.
He had salt-and-pepper hair, a fat silver moustache, and chomped an even fatter cigar.
Our waiter fit the stereotype-handlebar moustache, long white apron wrapped around a portly waist-and apparently so did we.
Governments' obsession about home ownership has contributed as much to the meltdown as any moustache-twirling financier.
His head was almost bald on top and fringed with white professor-style side hairs that matched the white of his small moustache.
Now nearly bald, he has a fringe of dark hair that is complemented by a graying dark moustache.
The mayor had a handlebar moustache and a wide, brutal face, which was wreathed in cigarette smoke.
He had short gray hair, brown eyes, and a beard and moustache.
He has brown eyes and brown hair, including beard and moustache.
Subject had a thin moustache, otherwise clean shaven.
He has pockmarks on his face, may have a moustache, and is a heavy smoker.
Facial patterns commonly make a terrapin look as if it has a moustache or is wearing lipstick.
He may have a goatee or moustache and shoulder-length hair.
The species has short ear tufts and an incomplete facial disk beginning at the ears and ending at the moustache.

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