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The employee requires dexterity in using telephone, computer keyboard, mouse and calculator while seated at a desk.
Switching off the gene makes a fearful mouse courageous.
Scientists may not be able to build a better mouse trap, but they have learned how to build a better mouse.
Imagine you're a mouse running across an elaborately decorated rug.
The large caveats that inevitably apply to mouse studies still apply here, in spades.
Tests show that a new protein can trick the mouse immune system into accepting transplanted tissue instead of attacking it.
Don't begrudge a mouse the right cage because your office is in a broom closet.
To avoid false positives, more than one mouse must enter the room at the same time.
After the image appears in your browser, click the right-hand button on your mouse.
The white-footed mouse isn't much to look at, but a new study suggests it may be a superstar when it comes to evolution.
Dirt clods, last year's squash and the errant toad and mouse tumble to the ground.
User interfaces are going beyond the point-and-click interaction that the computer mouse demands.
It can take more time than with a mouse and keyboard, though.
Then, on a pound for pound basis, the cells of an elephant consume far less energy than those of a mouse.
With eyes on either side of its head, the mouse can see almost everything around it.
New mouse model could help researchers better understand bipolar disorder.
Project for the new-year: gut a mouse and stick the bits inside something odd.
She simply clicks her computer mouse a few times and starts.
Sequencing projects on the human and mouse are near completion-and dogs may be next in line.
In past studies, mouse eggs have been induced to replicate without fertilization, but they survive only briefly.
The days of the point-and-click mouse may be numbered.
They plan to activate a gene in the mouse that will selectively eliminate senescent cells.
The story begins when a little mouse with huge ears is born.
As of yet there is no timetable for human tests or for the publication of the mouse research results.
Advocates of stem cell research get a boost when a researcher details his methods to cure a mouse with a spinal cord injury.
The first mouse would always show fewer signs of pain than the last.
My mouse seems to suck up every grimy quark and boson on my desk and do something unpleasant with it.
Mouse finding hints that stemlike cells may yet be found in human pancreas.
Don't bring this computer mouse with you to an airport.
The stem cells were then used to make healthy mouse pups.
Strictly for geek nostalgia, the pain inducing shapes and old-fashioned mouse ball mean these mice are near useless.
Move your mouse cursor from the start to the goal without touching the sides.
The constant point and click of the mouse can be a real drag.
Once upon a time there was a charming tale of a wee little mouse with wide-open eyes and ears as large as saucers.
Through genetic engineering, scientists have bred a mouse capable of running twice as far as other mice before exhaustion.
It is, for example, faster than pressing a mouse button.
As the world goes crazy for touch-screen tablets and cellphones, the little mouse is getting left behind.
Instead of swatting mosquitos, all they will have to do is click a mouse.
Having proved the point in people, she then turned to a more reliable laboratory animal-the mouse.
Create a snippet from the header, and you can insert it with a click of the mouse or a few keystrokes.
Researchers cloned the mouse years ago, but the rat proved to be more of a challenge.
Mouse over or click on each creature you see to read facts about it.
Go into the control panel and click on the mouse option in there one of the options is mouse speed.
The trout is caught by the fisherman's lure, the mouse by cheese.
Sadly, the new mouse lemurs may well disappear almost as suddenly as they were discovered.
It causes a menu of options to appear on the screen, not all that different from using a mouse to click on a drop-down menu.
Drosophila, along with such animals as the mouse and sea slug, offers convenience for research.
Boundaries once drawn by physical distance, language or expertise can now be bridged with a backlit screen and a few mouse clicks.
The experiment also showed that mouse brains are flexible enough to receive and make use of the additional wavelength information.
Back when all you needed to do with your mouse was double-click, buttons were enough.
The smallest living primates are mouse lemurs, able to fit in the palm of a human hand.
We also had a mouse out in the middle of the day eating seeds off the ground.
It was an echoing house of frighteningly tall rooms that smelled of emptiness and mouse droppings.
Veterans can now download their electronic medical records with a click of the mouse.
Apple already blew up user interface design with the mouse and then the touchscreen.
One was normal lab mice, with normal mouse hemoglobin.
The other had half human hemoglobin and half mouse hemoglobin.
Everybody's mouse had a button that you could push to get control of the cursor.
Furthermore, the single button mouse's round shape often meant users found themselves using the mouse upside down.
The mouse is turning out to be a bane for heavy computer users.
Chintzy keyboard and mouse are practically begging to be shattered.
Both neater on the desk for right handed mouse users and easier to remember where you are plugging things in.
The trackpad is always ready to hand below the keyboard, so you aren't forever reaching off to the right or left to mouse around.
Mouse over the called-out examples at the top of the image for specific information.
There is also a five button, wireless mouse that can be used atop the pad should you need it.
Mouse buttons are separated by a useless fingerprint reader.
Any web-linked household today has a library of information available at the click of a mouse.
Previously, the nearest species to a human for which caloric restriction had been proved to work was a mouse.
The researchers did the same with mouse whiskers, regenerating them from a single cell.
Think twice the next time you call someone as quiet as a mouse-the rodents are actually sophisticated singers, a new study says.
The team also found that hormones controlled the rate of cell division in a mouse's developing digits.
Previously, this process had required growing the stem cells in a culture dish with nutrients from mouse cells.
When the mouse was moved, the vertical wheel rolled along the surface while the horizontal wheel slid sideways.
The diabetic mouse model has not always translated well to humans, and commonly used knockout mice represent an extreme condition.
The researchers scored five distinct mouse pain expressions.
To investigate this question, the authors of this paper developed a special strain of mouse.
It would have been more interesting if loud non-specific sounds were made and if the mouse moved, it would be shocked.
Mouse somatic cells, unlike human ones, express some amount of telomerase.
They sent each mouse through a water maze that required it to find a platform obscured beneath the surface of murky water.
The scientists then exposed human and mouse airways to various bitter compounds to gauge the effects.
For each mouse, the microbial mix matched its owner's hand more closely than any other sample.
With the click of a mouse, another mandible could join it, or perhaps a model of a full skull.
They also come with a remote and usually a wireless keyboard and mouse.
There's even a stuffed white mouse resting on an entryway table.
The two other games function much the same way but feature a mouse and a butterfly.
As you click and drag with your mouse, the various sections of the mobile move around.
Put your mouse over the address, and a pop-up window emerges with tabs for maps, calendar and travel information.
These healthy cells were transplanted back into the mouse, whose immune system accepted them as the animal's own tissue.
The treated mouse began producing healthy red blood cells on its own.
The treated mouse ran longer and harder than its running mate.
Each mouse was allowed to roam freely through a series of adjoining chambers, one of which was preselected as a reward room.
Their typing and mouse commands are sent to the software on the server, and the imagery for their display is sent back.
Opening and closing a hand quickly acts as a mouse click.
Throughout the article, readers can mouse over the bold text to see what early readers contributed.
But consequences and penalties often speak louder than the endless search for a better mouse trap.
It consists of two circuit boards and an antenna, and it's being modelled by a mouse.
Eliminating dying cells keeps a mouse healthy, wealthy, and wise.
The light activates a group of neurons in the mouse's brain that are involved in aggressive behaviour.
Overview of the effort to sequence the mouse genome, along with a list of additional resources.
Both are designed to be operated with a keyboard and a mouse.

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