mournfully in a sentence

Example sentences for mournfully

Then a clumsy-footed crow awakes in them, stirring the branches and croaking mournfully.
Clift's ghost rehearses lines, paces the hallway, and mournfully plays his trumpet.
Their ghosts are said to wander the area mournfully.
The cinema continues to toy mournfully with the problem of the national football heroes and their fate when they leave college.
And you spend the winter staring mournfully through the windows at your blossomless, scentless garden.
When he stroked her neck and talked to her she stopped grinding and gazed at him mournfully.
The roll call of the past couple of decades is mournfully striking.

Famous quotes containing the word mournfully

He packed a lot of things that she had made Most mournfully away in an old chest Of hers, and put some chop... more
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