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Example sentences for mournful

He is the sole survivor, and was the only one left to communicate the mournful intelligence to the nearest settlement.
From beneath the boat, a sighing, almost mournful sound rises into the air.
The mournful undertone of this tale takes it far beyond the grasp of children.
Many in the audience may be tempted to join in this mournful chant.
Hence the expression, serious even to mournful, that shadowed his film-star-handsome face on the course.
Welch's range is not wide and her voice has a mournful, vernacular quality.
But then the creature's eyes dimmed, the music turned mournful, and it seemed pretty clear that a wrong had been done.
Side by side, they slowly ride, and their thunder is a mournful sound.
Their howling is described as haunting by some, mournful by others who have heard them in the wild.
He wore a haggard and mournful look except when he was drinking or playing on his flute.
The celebration is not a mournful one, but rather a time to share with family and friends and visit the souls of the departed.
They don't pack pistols, they don't croon mournful songs at cattle, they aren't uneducated.
The roar of the firing party's rifles shattered the afternoon quiet, then gave way to the mournful sounds of a bugle playing.
Extremely vocal animals, the coyote's mournful howls and yapping barks often fill the night with haunting songs.

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