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Example sentences for mourn

While they support the stimulus, they mourn the loss of momentum on free trade.
We mourn the loss of a great leader, a faultless partner, and a beloved friend.
They mourn the loss of books and the loss of time for books.
We offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends as they mourn their loss.
As a group, they mourn the disappearance of the countryside, as new housing estates cover the crowded south-east of the country.
But at night, the deceased's companions would gather to mourn.
They're known to help individuals in distress, cooperate in rearing children and may even mourn their dead.
And when they break down or get blown up, their users have even been known to mourn.
The shell of who they once were is left behind for those to mourn.
But to mourn the departures is to miss the point of the place.
In the early days of their ordeal, they bicker and mourn, but solitude and need draw them together.
But five of its former staffers didn't mourn for long.
There are many reasons to mourn the disappearance of film.
It evolved into the site where the community gathers to celebrate triumphs, mourn tragedies and welcome the nation's leaders.
To this day, the widow is unable to find her husband's grave, and has not been able to properly mourn him.
We have denied them their right to mourn and instead have laid new burdens on them.
It feels more powerful to celebrate or mourn with a group.

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