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Example sentences for mountainside

The single wooden water line from a mountainside spring supplied the buildings with water.
The coca bushes, distinguished by their pale green leaves, have been neatly planted in lines marching up the mountainside.
One of the fire's legacies is a scarred, deforested mountainside that dominates the view to the north.
My bags spilled down the mountainside or were crushed beneath the pickup.
All told, a cubic kilometer of ash slammed its way down the mountainside.
Daily he docs the milking and makes cheese in a one-room mountainside dairy.
It may not be apparent at first glance, but this mountainside is revealing an interesting stratigraphic pattern.
There is also a collection of enormous hangars and subterranean barracks carved out of the mountainside.
There are numerous options around the island, including farmhouses and homes in beachside and mountainside villages.
Mole rats have a wide geographical distribution and can live below sea level or high on mountainside plains.
Now it was dark and my flashlight was, well, dead with an hour hike back down the mountainside to my vehicle.
It is nothing more than a sandy moraine of gravel, rock, and scrub climbing straight up the mountainside.
Ahead, truck headlights spiraled from a mountainside of switchbacks.
Several cities across the state offer luxurious accommodations set amid picturesque mountainside backdrops.
To the left, on a mountainside, is a quartz mill with a miner with a pick and shovel.
At the dam, water from the river is diverted into a flume, a wooden trough supported on a bench carved out of the mountainside.
Gravity pulls the ice down the mountainside, both scouring and smoothing the bedrock as it goes.
There are several old hidden mine shafts along the mountainside.

Famous quotes containing the word mountainside

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