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For about four weeks a year, she lives in the mountains and chases birds all over the place, trying to collect data.
Many people think of mountains only as scenery, and distant scenery at that.
He muttered something about hitting the slopes, because the mountains are finally getting some snow.
They have portable satellite towers and radios, but the surrounding mountains block the signals.
They were sharing a house on the outskirts of a town in the mountains where people went for summer vacation.
Only the highest mountains poked through the giant ice sheets.
Active volcanoes, however, make up only a small fraction of all mountains of fire.
Show students a few pictures of mountains and climbers by exploring these mountain photographs.
There were mountains of pure salt, and erupting volcanoes.
Vistas of the lake reveal a serene scene surrounded by palatial villas, tree-clad mountains, and quaint villages.
Each resort offers its unique vibe-and mountains of snow.
In the mountains above the town, the forests are turning the colour of autumn.
Some locals worry that rebel roughnecks from the mountains may now occupy their city.
Instead, sappers cut a new track through the desert and mountains.
But this side of the business was intertwined with property, imports and mountains of cash.
Old-fashioned film for cameras required mountains of silver.
We build cities in the desert, and then pump in water from mountains near and far.
Wind turbines dot the low mountains that extend throughout the region, a skyline of gracefully rotating white blades.
He only says a word and he can move mountains, start a war, and drain a lake.
On the first day he made the sky and the mountains and the ravines of the soul.
Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the monster's feet there are left the mountains.
It is the cloudy, frozen mountains and sky that they fear and shun.
To him, human beings were no less a part of the natural world than the mountains and lakes and skies that enveloped them.
Some of us have even found a home in the waves, riding on gentle swells or braving roaring mountains of seawater.
Steep mountains, some rising two thousand meters, make up more than half the land.
Such insights, however, were dwarfed by mountains of literature on what our mothers did to us.
It would have moving maps to let the pilot know exactly where he was-and where weather, mountains, and other planes were.
In the mountains, climbing into beautiful places-anything that has to do with nature.
There's a mystical, magical quality that comes with being pampered high in the mountains in the middle of the dark woods.
The space is run entirely by solar power, and overlooks the mountains.
We ran into trouble, as can happen in the mountains.
The result: underwater mountains and hills all along the axis of the mid-ocean ridge.
Mountains and valleys emerge and disappear due to plate tectonics.
Mountains of evidence reveal that sleep enhances memory.
The boulders, he concluded, had been scoured out of the mountains by glaciers that calved into the sea.
Mountains were made in the region a long, long time ago, and there are still stresses and strains.
Wind turbines function best in wide-open spaces where they can capture airflow unobstructed by buildings or mountains.
They're getting sent running up mountains and migrating north.
First, mountains enhance rain, whether the state's normal day-to-day rain or rain from a storm.
Steve did prove the point that you can move mountains and mislead minds with conjecture.
Three tongues of water sing around it with snow from the mountains.
Even while you spurn them, they court you,-rural deities and others of every kind that frequent these mountains.
The land there is elevated, with many mountains and peaks incomparably higher than in the centre isle.
The rest of the island is covered with remote, forested mountains, which are laced with hundreds of hiking trails.
Some photographers are the poets of purple mountains' majesty.
It had concrete floors and was arranged in neat rows in flat spots at the bases of the mountains.
They had moved mountains to improve her sense of balance, her sensory perception and her overall health.
Standing in blonde tresses and heels, she is a fabulously incongruous sight here in the mountains.
If our people had a reverence for the mountains that our forefathers had, they would not be raping that mountain.
They sought them in forests and mountains, when really all they needed to do was go to their own backyards and look up.
He went on long hikes in the mountains, he ate healthy foods, and he meditated.
Use nuclear energy to flatten mountains on the moon and to alter the orbits of planets.
One scenario involves the physiological equivalent of turning molehills into mountains.
As a tsunami speeds on its covert way, undersea mountains and valleys may alter its course.
Similar effects could be experienced in parts of the sea with mountains and ravines, where the sound would bounce back and forth.
The material piled up on the equator, forming that vast range of mountains.
So a better alternative might be to forget the gadgets, and go for a jog in the mountains instead.

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