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Large swaths of the state are also jagged and mountainous, with mountaintops frequently obscured by clouds.
Over one-third of the region's terrain is hilly and mountainous.
Conditions are humid around the coast but become considerably cooler and wetter toward the mountainous interior.
The northern side's mountainous terrain is rich in lush vegetation, while the southern area is flat and features sandy beaches.
The waves would have seemed mountainous from his swimmer's height.
At the same time, other rats breathed continuously in a low-oxygen atmosphere that replicated conditions in mountainous areas.
Some of those genes make it more suitable to cold, mountainous regions.
In mountainous regions, too, gazogenes firing wood allowed total autonomy of supply for forestry machines.
Both events were moderate in size and the strongest shaking was in unpopulated mountainous areas.
Eighty percent of the dingoes there are hybrids, and pure dingoes exist in only two remote, mountainous areas.
If you've ever been close to a river in flood, especially in mountainous areas, it is loud.
They'll also experience a split second of weightlessness as they nosedive down the mountainous drop.
When you think of people seeking divine visions, you imagine them trekking to some mountainous cloister.
Ninety-three percent of its territory is mountainous and difficult to access.
The mountainous regions have less pressure of population and more access to wood.
By land the countries are either desert, mountainous, or strong enemies.
But see the facts nearly and these mountainous inequalities vanish.
Modern roads resulted in a radical drop in inbreeding in mountainous regions of the country.
In mountainous areas avalanches and mud slides leave barren paths that soon support extensive stands.
These are animals that are adapted to chilly mountainous temperatures and they don't fare well in heat.
The rates dropped rapidly with economic development, especially better transportation networks in mountainous regions.
We have mountainous landfills stuffed to the gills with usable materials.
My conclusion is that the moon is non-spherical, with mountainous terrain, and covered with craters.
The island is riddled with sandy beaches and a mountainous, lush interior terrain full of gorgeous scenery.
Explain that many people live in mountainous areas in different parts of the world.
It has a mountainous central plateau and coastal plains.
These attributes make them durable and dependable even in sparse mountainous terrain.
Another image showed a fighter jet flying over a mountainous landscape.
In general, people are moving to places that are warm, mountainous or suburban.
The ideal locations for fog harvesting are mountainous and desert regions where fog is present but water sources are far away.
Not surprisingly, the outside world is unwilling to intervene in another distant, mountainous trouble-spot.
The three say they were hiking in a mountainous border region and have denied the spying charges.
One idea was a golf course, but the valley is too mountainous.
Being a mountainous country, many towns are cool, even in the summer.
Yet another kind of turbulence is terrain-induced, and causes problems at airports in mountainous regions.
The island contains beaches and mountainous parks filled with tropical plant life.
The high elevation, soils and precipitation in this mountainous region provide a distinct environment for producing coffee beans.
The town is a thriving rural community with beautiful scenic mountainous views.
The road is in good condition, but the area is mountainous and curvy.
We cannot continue to burden our children with this mountainous debt.
Interior areas are high hills to semi-mountainous, parts of which were glaciated.
Technical proficiency in personal survival in mountainous terrain and snow and ice environments.
Terrain is mostly mountainous dissected by fiords and deep river valleys carved by ancient glaciers.
Excessive rain can trigger landslides or mud slides, especially in mountainous regions.
The mountainous landscape was developed through uplifting, faulting, and stream cutting.
Not relative to trails you find in mountainous areas.
The landscape of the county is rugged and mountainous.

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