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Example sentences for mountaineering

Meanwhile, heavy-duty mountaineering boots are appropriate for those climbing a mountain.
Snow, rock and ice climbing are all available, as well as mountaineering.
Descending into the sharply tilted ship will require mountaineering skills.
The new materials also are appearing in mountaineering boots, fishing waders, and thermal underwear.
He played tennis to county level and belonged to a mountaineering club.
Permits are not required for mountaineering, but climbers on overnight trips must have a backcountry permit to camp or bivouac.
Learn more about this process in the mountaineering section of the website.
The latest trend in mountaineering may be pushing climbers over the edge.
Those experiences, along with many others, fostered a caution renowned in mountaineering circles.
It was as though all my best mountaineering buddies had gathered for a reunion.
It was quite easy to imagine yourself having a bad accident because you were mountaineering underground.
Autumn brings the picturesque coloring of the leaves, and winter gives hikers a chance to try ski mountaineering.
Though skiing and mountaineering are the main tourist draws, there are also a number of less-adventurous pursuits.

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Nothing to mountaineering, just a little physical endurance, a good deal of brains, lots of practice, and p... more
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