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They range from flat lakeside strolls to steep mountain peak climbs.
Moist soils, especially along canyons and mountain slopes in coniferous forests.
There was a man who lived down the road from us, a true mountain man.
This mountain range formed about 70 million years ago.
Of course you've already heard that the Hollywood sign and the entire mountain it resides on is for sale.
Living in the mountains may provide benefits beyond a picturesque view.
Many of the other glaciers no longer reach the sea, retreating to their mountain lairs, folded moraines left behind them.
The outer layer of the mountain is composed of soft schist filled with water rivulets.
From the end of the train line we walked until we were almost to the mountain top and stopped in a small village.
Later, the same scientists strove to explain what fuels these erupting mountain ranges, called mid-ocean ridges.
It's a quick getaway for mountain bikers and hikers hoping for some fast scenic payoffs.
Driving down a mountain requires a different skill set than driving on flat land.
Then they put the coffin out upon the mountain, and one of them always stayed by it and watched it.
Then take a hike, climb a mountain, or shop and dine the day away in town.
Visit a mountain city of courtyards, cobblestones, and secrets waiting to be revealed.
Bathing outdoors is the height of mountain living, especially when done in a rugged style.
Lift operators grew tired of taking lifts down the mountain after a day's work, so they started sliding down slopes on shovels.
But the heel pad is too big for a mountain lion, the toes too close to the back pad.
Nobody knows for sure when and why the mountain was renamed.
Last summer, he tracked a pair of gyrfalcons to their aerie in a cave high on a mountain ledge.
The museum is designed to complement the story being told in stone on the mountain.
Others nestle in mountain valleys, or quaint towns guarded by the castles of hereditary rulers.
But even these are inexperienced in mountain warfare.
Blocks of shape and color-yellow trees in the foreground shadowed forest, and white mountain-give this image impact and depth.
At that time, with respect, my friend looked up at the snow mountain.
The underwater forest was a mystery to him until the mountain exploded.
Whittling this mountain of degrees, awards, and experience down to one perfect professor will be daunting.
There is great hiking, mountain biking, and anything else you can do in a forest or on a mountain.
My retina had a strange mountain in its middle, whereas the normal eye was smooth and flat.
Finding traces of pollution in a supposedly pristine mountain brook is sadly no longer surprising.
During the energy-sapping, steep up-mountain stages, riders will use the lightest frames possible.
As she locked eyes with it, the mountain lion moved forward, descending the shrubby bank and heading straight toward her.
And to see continued activity as the mountain goes about its own business of rebuilding and of new eruptions.
In this case, you were looking at the magnetic reversals recorded not under the sea but in the layers of rock in a mountain.
It can't survive in lowland forests, and even a harlequin frog living on a mountain could cure itself with a good bake in the sun.
They could give them away and still make a mountain of cash.
On the chairlift ride back up the mountain, the skier cools down.
So the engineers can simulate conditions along a humid, hot coastline at sea level, or atop an arid and cold mountain.
It now looks upon a short-term stopgap spending bill as a legislative mountain to climb.
The side of the mountain had collapsed on the road, partially burying a pickup truck.
The prediction is still there somewhere in the general's file, buried under a mountain of accolade and promotion.
It is full of stuffed and mounted animals ranging from a tarantula to a mountain goat.
Most of it goes to mountain resorts that serve it as sashimi to tourists.
Not many people would appreciate the lighter side of a mountain of feces outside their place of business.
Snowboarding has been my savior, allowing me to keep my blood pumping and to take every advantage of what mountain snow can offer.
Rising water levels resulting from sudden mountain storms occur quite frequently, so monitor water level.

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