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Remove from heat and chill until mixture mounds slightly when dropped from a spoon.
Silvery to green mounds capped with spikes of lavender to purple, pink blooms late spring and summer.
Near by appear a row of small fresh mounds, placed side by side.
If it really meant saving of all those mounds of greenhouse gases, going vegetarian is a much faster and safer way around it.
Bacteria slowly built the mounds, known as stromatolites, layer by layer on the lake bottom.
The animals use their keen sense of smell to detect termite mounds and anthills and tear them open with strong claws.
Minibus-sized garbage mounds were parked on the curb every couple of blocks.
Anteaters use their keen sense of smell to detect termite mounds and anthills and tear them open with their strong claws.
He didn't care what else was on the holiday menu as long as there were mounds of mashed potatoes.
Wooden stakes mark several mounds, and many of the burrow openings are masked by chicken wire.
Also, make sure your stove works before you've washed and cut up mounds of vegetables.
The animals use their keen sense of smell to find anthills and termite mounds.
The houses have been dug out by hand, and the dirt piled in mounds on the roadway.
At the same time, modern technology has served up mounds of data on public policy that cannot be digested quickly.
Similarly there are now several buildings that have ventilation systems based on those found in termite mounds.
Mounds of confetti and ticker-tape in the streets bear a spooky resemblance to the debris of the attacks ten years later.
Goats and buffaloes graze amid the reeking mounds, and thousands of scavengers comb the site, looking for items of value.
High mounds of dead bodies, that's what people need to really convince them of anything.
Some collect mounds of customer data through their loyalty cards, but admit to not doing much of anything with it.
Trains or lines of cars slither amid the mounds, entering or exiting dark tunnels.
Scoop the truffle mixture into rounded teaspoonfuls and drop the mounds onto the paper.
In this view, the mounds are based on natural formations or were built up more or less by accident.
It had lost the fine, airy lightness the mounds have in warm weather.
Mounds of potatoes were mashed with garlic and butter.
Four burial mounds rose on the northwest corner of the meadow.
Around the entrances to various bars, there were mounds of strewn cigarette butts.
The view from a car window reveals plantations of hairy eucalyptus trees and cow pastures rife with termite mounds.
The finished garment arrived at a customer's door in an enormous handmade box, fastidiously packed with mounds of tissue paper.
Using a tablespoon, spoon remaining dough in small mounds evenly over top.
Only if the woodhenges and mounds were rapidly constructed would they require full-time laborers or engineers.
The first two mounds sit astride a central pit, where the operation's next phase will begin.
Use a tablespoon to make eight evenly spaced mounds of cheese on a nonstick baking sheet.
Mounds of dirt, in turn, sometimes topped the structures.
The pyramid shape of later tombs could have come from these mounds.
Banded mongooses are often found in areas with many termite mounds because they use the mounds as den sites.
To defend against so many enemies, prairie dogs commonly perch on the large mounds at burrow entrances and look for danger.
These are the tools of this specialized bear's trade: feeding on termites and ants by ripping up their mounds and nests.
They hunt for both, and protect two territories that may each extend a half mile from their central nest mounds.
Another place he avoids is the grove of poplar trees outside the village, with its burial mounds stretching to the river's edge.
Stands of bamboo and other vegetation cover mounds of limestone here, making the place all but impenetrable.
Instead, the mounds provide the nutrients and water the plants need to survive.
Use a spoon to dollop the mixture in walnut-sized mounds onto the prepared baking sheets.
So many clothes were contributed that they were piled in mounds six feet high in some devastated towns.
Commonly, the well-to-do were laid to rest in specially built burial mounds, conical or round.

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