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They are mottled brown butterflies that dance in pools of sunlight in forest glades.
Her mottled palette alternates between warm and cool hues, matching the weather conditions depicted in the poem.
Less spectacular but perhaps more intriguing is the mottled backdrop at the top and bottom.
And all year long, the mottled trunks provide sculptural forms.
The chicks are pretty little balls of mottled brown and yellow down.
Bright green while growing, most gourds turn the color of straw when dried, with darker or mottled variations.
The skies here, watercolors mottled in varying shades of blue for an almost tie-dye effect, grow thick with promise.
The walls are a teal blue mottled wallpaper -- "a cheaper solution than paint when you have old walls," she says.
The zippy colors are slightly mottled, giving the subjects a rustic folk-art look.
Sock Monkey's nubby weave, which goes from mottled gray-brown to distinct brown and white, becomes the focal point of every page.
These fast-moving, shield-shaped insects are named for their mottled brown coloration.
Spider mites suck the juices out of leaves, giving them a mottled look-and they do feed on both citrus and deciduous fruit trees.
Fallen leaves and whatnot seem to fit in better on the mottled surface.
The musk strawberry has mottled brownish red or rose-violet skin, and tender white flesh.
They range in color from pale yellow to mottled green and are rarely found on supermarket shelves.
Its skin was dark gray, glinting in the sunlight, with mottled white dots.
The fairways here are flecked, the greens mottled brown.
The cobblestone path dips below street level to a small haven of mottled red brick buildings and arched doorways.
His skin was mottled with bruises, his hair tangled and wet.
Color is another: paddy rice is charcoal-gray, true wild rice a mottled beige-brown.
They were richly mottled with dusky browns and silver grays of various tones.
His mottled face was apprehensive, and he moved with a sort of reluctant alacrity.
Good beef should be firm and of fine-grained texture, bright red in color, and well mottled and coated with fat.
Each summer the thousands of stars visible in rural skies take a backseat to the dramatic mottled band that dominates the scene.
Seen through appropriate filters, the solar surface is mottled and granular.
The ultrasound images were mottled, showing lakes of liquid among solid tissue.
Your mottled image appears on a screen in colors relating to the surface temperatures of your body.
McClintock observed that pale ears of corn became mottled with dark patches as they grew.
Though it's not apparent from the photo above, there is a region of mottled light and dark areas near the center.
Blue whales look true blue underwater, but on the surface their coloring is more a mottled blue-gray.
They have flattened bodies, which also aid in flight, and are a mottled brown in color.
Flatfish with their eyes topside wear mottled camouflage so spot-on that they hide in plain sight.
These amazingly beautiful, mottled white-and-gray whales came swimming over, looking up at us.
In summer plumage these micro-mariners are a mottled dark chocolate brown.
The mottled-green skin is overlaid with washes of rose, themselves streaked randomly with unwatered scarlet pigment.
He snags a mottled gray shell from one of the white tile bins piled high with chipped ice.
The walls and mottled marble floor are the colour of claret.
Broken and mottled, it stretched out from the beach for about half a mile, but lengthwise it seemed to go on forever.
His blue eyes are bloodshot, his brown beard mottled.
Makeup can also help hide mottled skin, but it will not cure the problem.
The walls are mottled, and his mattress is slumped in a heap in the middle of the room.
Her skin was mottled, her eyes closed, and her body slack.
Side effects are similar to those of anticholinergic drugs and also may include swollen ankles and mottled skin.
In the sun-dappled interiors, shells have grown mottled for camouflage.
They did not care a mottled past trailed him or that he carried the reputation of a hothead.
For a mottled effect, rub the dyed egg to remove some of the color before it is dry.
Also mottled ducks maintain a higher degree of human wariness whereas resident mallards do not.
Ranging from mottled dull brown to near-winter coloration.
In the upper part, the subsoil is light brownish-gray, firm sandy clay mottled with brownish yellow and dark gray.
It is dark yellowish brown and olive brown silt loam that is mottled in the lower part.
In the lower part, it is gray mottled with brownish yellow and red.
The lower part is olive yellow mottled with yellowish red, gray, and red.
Forewing is mottled pink and purple-brown with a white comma-shaped stigma.
The upper part is light brownish gray, and is mottled with dark gray and gray.
Biologists are studying some mottled sculpins that live in caves and have specific adaptations for cave life.
It is grayish brown fine sandy loam that is mottled in the lower pan.
The lower part is brownish yellow and is mottled with gray.
In the upper part, the subsoil is friable sandy clay loam mottled with red.
Ranging from mottled brown to near-winter coloration.
The lower part of the surface layer is mottled with yellowish brown and pale brown.
Ranging from mottled dull gray-brown to near-winter coloration.
Ranging in appearance from mottled pinkish brown over back and sides to blotchy near-winter coloration.

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By the road to the contagious hospital under the surge of the blue mottled clouds driven from the northwest... more
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