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The empty-handed males were mostly unsuccessful at mating.
Space on reefs is a tight commodity, even on the mostly dark undersides of corals and on small crevice walls.
It's a panel of mostly dermatologists, not toxicologists.
The subjects mostly chose white when a medium hued face was coupled with a business suit.
Individual dolphins also enter a deeper form of sleep, mostly at night.
She's painted some of them tropical colors to add a little pop to her mostly green garden.
And the names of its food suppliers, mostly local, are proudly displayed on wall chalkboards.
The rustic fence is composed mostly of bitter cherry saplings joined with wood screws.
The barbecue area took two months of mostly weekend and evening work.
My disdain for this plant is mostly due to its overuse.
Your typical vegetarian enchiladas are mostly cheese.
In general, the last month has been mostly about watching our plants and animals grow.
For a more subtle effect, try one grown mostly for its foliage.
Attention this past weekend mostly focused on veterans and rightly so.
Jays and nutcrackers are mostly food gatherers, and take few risks.
As to our interactions with computing devices, these will be negotiated mostly by speech and gesture.
Alternative and complementary medicine are mostly quackery.
His new academies, which are largely free from local-authority control, are mostly popular.
Fathers mostly stayed in the city, coming out on weekends.
Earlier climate-change books were written mostly by unimportant obsessives.
The companies are headquartered there but production mostly moved away long ago.
Drought and flood will put the livelihoods of hundreds of millions, mostly in developing countries, at risk.
The unions want the mostly private pension system to be supplemented with more state provision.
The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of berries and fruits.
Domestication, in other words, is mostly in the genes.
To date, taxonomists have identified less than two million distinct species, mostly mammals and birds.
Only the lightest gases-mostly oxygen, helium, and hydrogen-are found here.
The palm-size bog turtle, smallest in the country, now survives mostly on private lands.
Their eyes and nostrils are located high on their heads, which allows them to see and breathe while mostly submerged.
In addition to the top and bottom eyelids, there's a mostly transparent lid that cleans the eye and protects it when underwater.
Mostly my frames that night were one disaster after another.
Polar bears eat mostly seals and other fatty marine mammals that they hunt from the ice.
Its economic fortunes depend mostly on declining oil resources, but the country is trying to diversify its earnings.
On the piano is a dessert dish heaped with fruit and sweets, mostly chocolates.
Celery tastes tastes where in curled lashes and little bits and mostly in remains.
But take this little fish out of water, and it mostly flails.
All of them are mesmerized by this bewildering signal-now mostly buzzing, once again.
He had mostly normal memories of whatever happened before then, but everything since was a blank.
The air around me was filled with mostly unidentified flying objects.
Mostly, these complex constructions succeeded only in locking me out of my own life.
Is what you wrote mostly about your opinion and not the truth.
Not long ago, publishing and other media businesses mostly aimed to sell blockbusters.
Only the grit was useful, mostly for industrial applications such as dental drills and hacksaw blades.
Chimpanzees eat mostly fruit, but now and then a group hunts down a monkey.
But what motivated his critics is mostly beside the point.
It is mostly about the tremendous disappointment that awaited me in college.
Big pieces of the narrative of what happens next vanish, though, because it's mostly written in secret.
Besides, the completion of graduate school seems impossibly far away, so their concerns are mostly focused on the present.
In my view, the benign quality of the sustainability movement is mostly veneer.
Call to request a waiver of the late penalty if you mostly pay on time but accidentally miss a deadline one month.
It has not been driven out by a better organizing principle but mostly by ideological opposition.
It cooked mostly on the first side, and then he flipped it to crisp up the pork a bit.
Food historians still fight over this, mostly in relative obscurity.
Always, it breathed life into the nightly, desultory job of serving dinner to a mostly appreciative family.
Some eat it for health reasons but mostly it's eaten to pleasure the palate.
We had dozens of maples, mostly scrub, but maples nevertheless.
Thus an iron-shut government doesn't have leaks to the site, but a mostly-open government does.
The rest of the revision is mostly accounted for in the worse result of net exports.
They liked the show, but mostly for its unintentional humor.
Friends here tell me they are mostly new, and quality varies considerably.
Governing for payment is standard, but the queen reigns, which appears mostly to mean visiting things.
Government efforts to halt illegal mining in the area have mostly been futile.
Historically, dogs were mostly categorized by general type.
And despite the injuries, which can be expected at any large gathering, police say the event was mostly peaceful.
They get that energy from oxygen and food, mostly glucose.
We go from sea level here to a few thousand feet mostly.
On top of that, these insects are mostly hermaphrodites.
Among other things, we're the only mostly hairless, consistently bipedal primate.
What invading species mostly don't do, it turns out, is outcompete native species.
Mostly people subsisted on what they hunted and fished.
Once again, it is clear that members of particular nations can mostly be mistaken for members of their closest neighbors.
Not all that surprising, they are mostly empty expanses.
Liquid wood is made mostly of lignin, one of the three major components of wood, the other two being cellulose and hemicellulose.
She uses a walker and relies mostly on public transportation to get around.
Whatever the merits of these policies they are based on a long-standing, but still mostly secret, strategy.
His public speeches have mostly consisted of boilerplate prose.
It is mostly a matter of tone: it is hardly possible to give credence to ideas uttered in the impersonal tones of sanity.
Many reform proposals are circulating-mostly the sort that will make matters worse.
Scientists operate mostly in disciplinary silos, and it is rare for research in one field to influence work in other disciplines.
Of course, mostly the people who will listen to these family histories are already family, or contemplating marrying into it.
Much more interesting are movies that in some way explore the psychology of running, even if they are mostly about other matters.
Interrogators were overwhelmed, mostly with prisoners who simply had no intelligence to impart.
There were some bad apples in there, but they were mostly people you could probably depend on if you knew them personally.
But it mostly dispense with some of their earlier stylistic forays into alt-country, chilly new wave and prog rock.
Since your old pastimes are now mostly haram, you'll have to pick up some new vices.
He had lived there for years, mostly at the village level, and he spoke the language fluently.
When album sales began to crumble and radio fragmented, these bands were mostly unaffected.
Its houses are showy and fanciful, but mostly off limits.
The sound quality is mostly a product of where and how a song was recorded.
Albright has some valuable pieces and some heirlooms, but mostly the collection consists of costume jewelry.
Mostly we're motivated to control ourselves in public.
They rap over a variety of tracks, mostly made by producers outside the group, and the music is rarely difficult or abrasive.
As for the writers, they are mostly your basic slobs and social misfits.
Also, people get lost mostly on highways, especially on a deserted ones.
So far, manufacturers have brought down the costs of making cellulolytic enzymes mostly by changing processing methods.
It's all redundant and mostly enviro wacko twisted facts that amount to nothing more than a way to create and increase taxes.
These are mostly problems that have traditionally been called artificial intelligence.
Afterwards, it's mostly a matter of channeling various input signals toward appropriate effectors.
These projects are mostly politically driven and run mainly on external money sources and subsidy other than own generated funds.
It will start out mostly free, then become a subscription service.
Previous research into self-healing materials has mostly focused on restoring mechanical properties after a damaging event.
The purifier produces clean water without using electricity or running water, both of which are mostly unavailable in rural areas.
Finally, the top layer sports a different type of conducting polymer that absorbs mostly blue and green light.
Archaeologists have a few relics that have spanned this period, mostly stone tools and works of art.
The efficiency loss discussed in the article is mostly due to reflective loss at interfaces with changing index of refraction.

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