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Example sentences for mossy

Under their canopies grow mossy meadows of wildflowers, including buttercups and star- shaped blue camas.
Albeit a big, open sky, mossy one with a lot of trees.
And on this particular overcast night, with rain dropping from a mossy sky, it's tough to see a thing.
Or simply enjoy the view of blue water backed by mossy, green trees.
Today, the mossy rain-fed ground cover glows chartreuse in the low light.
Pavement ends abruptly in water, bayous reach toward roadsides, and mossy crypts tumble into bays.
He weaves his way through all the cars, big eight-grand jobs, and walks up mossy sandstone steps to the door.
The hiking is generally easy, often with boardwalks that span mossy bogs.
Mossy bogs provide good nesting grounds for dunlins, small wading birds, and golden plovers.
Land-dwelling dinosaurs that lived on its tip inhabited a forested, mossy landscape of rolling hills and violent volcanoes.
The high walls of the canyon tower around me and before me is a mossy waterfall.
Guides should accompany hikers in this remote area where the scenery includes mossy forests.

Famous quotes containing the word mossy

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All the Valley quivered one extended motion, wind undulating on mossy hills... more
Souls of Poets dead and gone, What Elysium have ye known Happy field or mossy cavern, Choicer than the Merm... more
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