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Example sentences for mortuary

The manager must be a licensed mortuary science licensee who resides within one hour's drive of the funeral establishment.
Inside these mortuary complexes, people presumably gathered to worship and perpetuate the memory of their departed ruler.
Telltale marks on the bones suggest that the hominids engaged in mortuary rituals.
Cut marks on the skulls suggest an early form of mortuary practice.
Turns out social media, romantic relationships, and mortuary science don't mix.
Reasonably enough, he was taken to a mortuary and placed in a metal box.
Students from a nearby mortuary school, and then ex-convicts looking to earn probation points, were brought in to help.
It was entirely fitting, since he is studying mortuary science.
The mortuary report shows only three deaths from yellow fever for the twenty-four hours ending at mid-day.
The village hall was being used as a makeshift mortuary.
Mortuary care should be limited to necessary procedures following standard mortuary precautions.

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