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Example sentences for mortified

When an overweight high school senior ends up on the list of homecoming queen nominees as a prank, she is mortified.
Some undergraduates at the college were mortified upon receiving the message.
The over-enthusiastic tagger was mortified and left people alone after that.
Shriver was described by friends as mortified by the whole episode and seeking to move quietly beyond it.
She was mortified for the whole weekend because her straightened hair appeared to be about a foot longer than her natural hair.
Her primary résumé requirement is an ability to look pretty yet mortified.
Her poor husband looked mortified over the whole thing, but obviously felt he had to be loyal to her.
One of them is mortified at first, but then turns into a heartless killer.
After the rapscallion thief races the mortified cowboy, determined to recapture his gun.
Nevertheless she was mortified by this public reminder.
He was humble on the highest pinnacle of honours, and mortified amidst pleasures.
We received these strictures with a howl of anguish and a scream of mortified vanity.
It appeared in many instances how perfectly the saint was mortified in his senses.
The more polite toys are portrayed as being quietly mortified by his fondness for writing notes in pink ink.
Susan is mortified and tells herself she should have realized about the cookies.
Oh, my gosh, she looked mortified and your father sounded a bit deranged.
When she realized she'd nearly eaten the entire container, she was mortified, but kept going.
Herter came in during the afternoon to see the rooms and was mortified to discover that they were not at all proper.
She was mortified to learn he was so hungry that he ate the erasers off each pencil.
We frenetically ran out of the event and spent the next few weeks mortified, in self-inflicted social exile.
Mortified by her husband's cruelty, their relationship declines.
She is mortified with a sense of womanly incompleteness.

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