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Today's panic was triggered by the surprising discovery of higher defaults on subprime mortgages than anybody expected.
They then traded their backpacks for mortgages and turned their attention to families and careers.
But they also have truck payments, mortgages, and medical bills to pay.
Mortgages and property taxes still have to be paid on that land, with little help from the government.
Instead he should have suggested rent become deductible for the same reason as mortgages, it is part of the cost of living.
Some of it is cause by high prices for medical technologies or bad mortgages or bad choices.
Poor schlumps in the suburbs, the only monsters with families,mortgages to pay and lawns that need mowing.
But they have tenure to gain, mortgages to pay, and fame to accrue.
Other companies could access these files to decide who should be given loans, mortgages, and other kinds of credit.
Bundling mortgages into securities made home ownership possible for many.
So far, it's managed a couple of hundred thousand mortgages, but that's been dwarfed by the rising number of foreclosures.
As homes kept rising in value, owners could refinance their mortgages or take out home-equity loans.
She also purchased mortgages and railroad-company stock.
Problems with such adjustable-rate mortgages are going to be of about the same magnitude as with subprime mortgages.
Likewise, the swollen churches can't meet their mortgages-but then, our life is our prayer.
Many households were saddled with mortgages bigger than the value of their homes.
Such illusory economies place heavy first mortgages on the future in favor of the military and at the expense of social needs.
The rates of inflation, mortgages, and unemployment reached double digits.
It has led some to erroneously conclude that student loans are the new subprime mortgages.
And there are millions more of them than homeowners in troubled mortgages.
As families default, the owners of the mortgages find themselves holding worthless pieces of paper.
And then came the trade that made his fortune: subprime mortgages.
They took out second mortgages and practiced frugality.
Mortgages are negotiable, which means they can be bought and sold.
Once upon a time, when the housing market was thriving, investors loved mortgages.
When many borrowers were unable to pay their mortgages, the securities backed by the mortgages quickly lost value.
There are some troubling new developments in mortgages.
It's quite possible that more people should be defaulting on their mortgages.
At this time the government is purchasing or guaranteeing nearly all new mortgages.
But if the mortgages in a covered bond pool begin to default, then one of two things can still prevent a loss.
What has set pulses racing is subprime lending-mortgages extended at higher than normal rates to those with weak credit histories.
But ultimately, a real fix for housing markets must address underwater mortgages.
In some respects subprime was more desirable than prime mortgages.
Lenders who help people to refinance their mortgages will receive matching subsidies from the government.
And one of the mechanisms they cite is the anchoring effect of underwater mortgages.
As prices fall, existing mortgages look less affordable and defaults rise.
Be sure to get information about mortgages from several lenders or brokers.
Foreclosure prevention and loan modification scammers target homeowners who are having trouble paying their mortgages.
Practically none had subprime mortgages, and few have negative amortization.
Weighing risks, rewards of adjustable-rate mortgages.
For the millions of homeowners with mortgages underwater there are no easy answers.
Large swaths of mortgages were bundled, chopped up and sold in pieces to investors around the world.
Then there are all the houses it has to repossess as people stop paying their mortgages.

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