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Convoys of carts loaded with bricks and mortar were arriving every day along dirt tracks.
Scientists also found no mortar on the corners or sides of the stone blocks.
But if throwing fancy-dress garden parties is your style, set the bricks in mortar on a concrete base.
When troops set up camp in areas of conflict, they face the threat of incoming mortar shells.
It was unclear if the mortar shell was intended for the school.
They are not necessarily interested in typical brick and mortar activities such as social events and socializing.
He periodically moved the wheelbarrow of mud further down the line so she could slap another shovelful of mortar in place.
Fill the cells with mortar and set the rebar in the mortar.
Brick and mortar stores can't start confiscating cell phones at the door.
Bricks and mortar were never so multiplied, magnified, and glorified.
Spread a layer of mortar onto all the webs and set the wire in the mortar.
One day a mortar obliterated his neighbors' house and killed the people inside.
It consists of chiseling away part of the existing mortar and adding new material.
The crew avoids mortar shells and enjoys some down time in their not-so-glamorous digs.
Grind spices with a mortar and pestle or in an electric grinder.
It's the mortar that binds any party together with deliciousness.
Workers fitted the blocks together seamlessly without mortar.
Dry-stacked stone walls are held together by friction and gravity rather than mortar.
The construction technique using mortar is called masonry.
The thump of a wooden pestle in a mortar carried into the street from an unseen courtyard.
Is it coincidence or some internal guidance system that cause the alignment with the horizontal and vertical mortar joints.
Everyone was running, and the sky was lit up by mortar blasts.
Simulated cross fire, snipers, and incoming mortar rounds help drive the point home.
In many cases, employers view degrees from a brick and mortar program much more favorably than an online degree.
Let the mortar cure according to the directions on the label.
At night, they sleep in holes in the dirt, next to mortar tubes.
Six mortar tubes would be enough to pound the outpost, they said.
IN simplest terms, fresco work is the painting of murals on wet mortar.
Brick-It's installation system has metal panels with ledges that hold each row in place, leaving space for mortar.
Now they lived in the desert, roaming a single road, dodging mortar and rocket fire.
With a large mortar and pestle, pound the coriander, garlic and salt to paste.
In a mortar and pestle, crush walnuts and garlic together, making a smooth paste.
Tracer rounds whizzed overhead, mortar shells burst nearby and heavy machine guns clattered.
It is commendable to try figuring out what the secret behind time is, using brick and mortar methods.
And existing bricks-and-mortar colleges will benefit from breaking down barriers to access.
At one end of the factory the supervisor stood over a white porcelain mortar.
Beyond the brick and mortar, lies a city within a city.
Cindy has been busy pulverizing her oven-dried animal bits with a small mortar and pestle.
Pound galangal, curry leaves, and fine sea salt to a paste using mortar and pestle.
Right behind the line the mortar guys sat around in their mortar pits and played cards all day.
They have moved instruction online in order to free themselves from the constraints imposed by brick and mortar and geography.
The dark blob of shadow at the top is from his large mortar and pestle sign.
Occasionally, mortar rounds launched by the insurgency would rain down on the prison grounds.
As in having the effect of a brick through the window, or a round of mortar fire.
The bricks-and-mortar may be leased from a property firm.
The differences between the virtual and the bricks-and-mortar worlds do not worry consumers.
Reports say they have confronted sniper fire, heavy machine guns and even mortar rounds.
Use only pigments with a record of satisfactory performance in masonry mortar.
And with the mortar, they find that the basic rule in masonry is, you never can fight water and win.
Mortar shall be used within thirty minutes after mixing.
Mortar used for filling vertical or inclined joints shall be of such consistency that it will require rodding.
Mortar droppings or smears on the exposed faces of pavers shall be brushed off immediately after the paver is set.
Add remaining water in small portions until mortar reaches desired consistency.
Material properties of hollow clay tile and existing mortar characterization study.
Test mortar for mortar air content and compressive strength.

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