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Example sentences for mortally

How easy it is to manipulate those mortally afraid to offend.
But that intensity is mortally dangerous for society and for individuals, too.
Certainly, he is badly wounded, and in the long run probably mortally.
Even those clients of his that were not mortally ill wanted to die.
They log-roll from one administration to the next, making sure that the other party is never mortally wounded.
The poem is the place for the mortally wounded truth.
Take cover lest the flying debris smote you, mortally.
By the time the police arrived and rushed her to the hospital, she was mortally wounded.
Bleeding at the trunk, mortally wounded, the century-old tree collapses with a crash.
Coronaviruses, so called because of their spiky crown of protein globules, are generally not mortally harmful.
The shooting left three bulls dead, one mortally wounded, and one in fair condition.
He wrapped his arm around a tree to allow him to continue firing upon the enemy until mortally wounded.
At that time the animal, though mortally wounded, was still alive.
Mortally wounded, the tug sank within minutes carrying two of its crewmen to their deaths.

Famous quotes containing the word mortally

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