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The first sickening feature of this general situation is the high infant mortality among the children of the workers.
It's also that each man is beginning to face his mortality.
The most deadly pandemics consist of low mortality – high mortality cycles.
We have seen that the intemperate suffer from a high rate of mortality, and the extremely profligate leave few offspring.
Even so, he feels the tug of mortality, and he has a lot left to accomplish.
These are sometimes metaphors for human relationships, but more often reminders of human mortality and vulnerability.
Elephants are notoriously tricky to breed in zoos, with high rates of miscarriages and infant mortality.
Over the last 30 years, infant mortality has fallen sharply, and life expectancy has jumped to 58 years.
They are an economic powerhouse with better health care, lower infant mortality, and higher test scores.
This issue has been studied in the peer reviewed literature and a definite link exists between warming and coral mortality.
When you look at how the mortality rates plummet with the simple act of giving out a net.
The general announcement traditionally comes with the birth itself, sadly because of the high mortality rates of old.
Reintroduced animals lack some survival skills so their mortality rate is high.
Outbreaks of this fast-spreading sea star can cause high mortality on reefs where they feed.
Residential wind turbines are not considered to be a major contributor to bird mortality.
Researchers also used national population and mortality figures.
Listen, if you're one hundred pounds overweight at age fifty, you have the same mortality rate as if you have a solid cancer.
And though mortality rates for newborns are falling, progress is much faster in some regions than others.
Today the frontiers of finance involve anything from weather to mortality risk, from emissions to catastrophe insurance.
Any dreamy, pen-chewing poet would feel at home there, musing on mortality.
That, writ large, probably explains the mortality patterns of entire countries.
Humanity was once caught in the trap of high fertility and high mortality.
It should be possible to disseminate better data on past mortality experience.
The crash was a graphic reminder of our mortality-but for once, it was a reminder of our mortality that had a happy ending.
Yet how honest, in contrast, they are about mortality itself.
It is tightly run by skilled doctors, with low mortality rates.
The report also found a correlation between various other factors and high mortality rates.
Now two actuaries have diverted their attention from falling mortality rates to devise a system that eliminates this perversity.
Mortality is nothing new in other industries, nor indeed for the birds who blunder into whirling windmill blades.
All he can tell me is that driving on the left side of the road is making him contemplate his own mortality.
As he faced middle age and mortality, the mysteries and contradictions in his life were overwhelming him.
Of course, the study also concluded that moderate drinkers have the lowest mortality rates of all three groups.
Nor, apparently, much grasp of the concept of mortality.
Not that he was ready to acknowledge his own mortality.
Smarter maternal decisions prevent leading causes of mortality.
But what is fascinating is that the relationship between sitting time and mortality was independent of physical activity levels.
Temperature extremes have been known to have an ill effect on populations' health and mortality rates.
Changes in immigration and mortality now mean that the reverse is true.
Those in better quarters also showed a trend toward a reduction in mortality.
But he had no illusions, either, about its ability to cover the failure or wish away mortality.
The jokes about mortality that run through his films become serious as he takes his aging seriously.
My grandfather's grave turned into the light, and the dew on his weedy little mortality patch was glorious.
If it failed, the next recourse would be surgery, which the doctor dreaded because of its high risk of mortality.
The writer realized that in the extinction of any species there was a guarantee of our own mortality.
Describes how the mortality rate from coronary heart disease dropped dramatically in the nineteen-eighties.
The reason many data center operators keep temperatures low can be summed up in two words: server mortality.
From that data, draw accurate mortality maps, and use those maps to prioritize getting people what they need.
Without antibiotics, maternal mortality would be a lot higher.
At that moment, the shades of mortality and irrelevance seemed to be drawing over the civil-rights generation.
They will refuse to yield to the despair of animal mortality.
The elderly represent your own mortality, and your powerlessness to do anything but manage decline.
Mortality is becoming more familiar than ever, but at the same time is voided of fear.
After more than a decade, there was no difference in cancer mortality between the groups.
Melancholia implies that depression may be a coping mechanism against mortality.
Natural selection operates through differential fertility as well as mortality.
Both chemicals are linked to global climate change, lung disease, and increased mortality rates.
They remind us of mortality, of decay, of our own fragility.
Add high mortality to a lengthy upbringing and it's a recipe for extinction.
Usually, the arrival of serial killers does not cause the mortality rate to decrease.
If you take it far enough, the personal threats of aging and mortality provide the starkest call among human females to reproduce.
One out of three children died by the age of ten, and overall mortality rates were by our standards exceedingly high.
In previous rescues, birds that were washed immediately had a high mortality rate.
Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder.
Even the professionals he has studied have high mortality rates with the drug, with a third of the abusers dying from it.

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