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Sure, I had a kid's understanding that mortal life ends.
Sperm whales and giant squid may be mortal enemies.
Robert Frost talked about making his vocation and his avocation one, and about his work being play for mortal stakes.
Then he banished him from Olympus, and he made him put off his divinity and appear as a mortal man.
At age 78, this Broadway legend is mortal, but she is never mere.
But Wooden lived on for 25 years, a mortal former coach with eternal influence.
No mortal should presume to play so faultlessly.
His corpulence is the physical embodiment of all seven mortal sins.
They know mortal threat when they see one.
But she had committed a mortal sin of sport.
And that's when the process of helping our crustaceans shed their mortal coil truly began.
Another pitfall of fasting is to avoid the mortal sin of gluttony.
Hence the on going cover-up of their mortal remains.
They are at risk to disease that their immune systems cannot fight as well as mortal injury from the loggers.
They were as close as you could get to being a demigod in the mortal world.
She screamed in mortal agony, but she knew that her screams did not fall on sympathetic ears.
The thought of shuffling off our mortal coil can make all of us a little squeamish.
Our little lives have so few pleasures-in-themselves-delights that ease the pressures on our mortal sadness.
It is a mortal sin to use the tax word irrespective of the cause or worthiness of the need.
Self-preservation has mission creep when it comes to the final mortal moment.
Slipping off the mortal coil is no excuse for slacking off.
No one is alive under the rubble any more, but many people are in mortal danger.
It had been previously announced that the wound was mortal but all hoped otherwise.
Writer's block, however, is a trip to the theme park of your choice alongside the mortal sin that produces it.
Because his peripheral veins had collapsed, it proved impossible to inject a mortal dose of sedative.
Once the universe is full of heavy elements, the tables turn and the mortal nature of stars becomes a limitation.
They evolve to different forms when they meet a mortal danger too often.
She was never idle, for her general cleverness was commensurate with mortal needs.
Many start to believe that they are invulnerable even as their mortal powers begin to fade.
It even lets the account holder send messages to the living long after he or she has shuffled off this mortal coil.
The poorest build and live in areas that become mortal traps when weather or geological phenomena strike.
She closed her mortal pilgrimage about the end of the seventh century.
The creature that a moment ago looked mortal and ordinary and vulnerable becomes a master of the universe.
Most horror stories dangle gruesome ways of shuffling off this mortal coil.
The mortal realities of war must be impressed vividly on every citizen.

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