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The sea horse's neck morphology is bent on capturing prey.
Their influence reaches far beyond the proper sphere of phonetics and invades that of morphology, as we shall see.
Animal behavior is far more plastic and variable than animal morphology.
The more basic question in automotive design is not materials but morphology.
Their morphology, and therefore their behavior, is in constant flux.
The section of morphology that deals with the inflections of words.
My curiousity is related to a question I have as to the morphology of the brain.
Cell morphology into specialized forms are pheromone driven, too.
He was a pioneer in the study of plant morphology and physiology and was author of an important work on plant fossils
Those conditions could easily exist in nature, he added, given the leaf-stem morphology.
There are many definitions for a species, one is based on reproduction and the other is based on morphology.
Morphology of the ventral frontal cortex: relationship to femininity and social cognition.
Since then, various researchers have attempted to better understand the processes that determine snowflake morphology.
In a sense, the morphology of the eye itself performs a computation.
Now they had a way to link gender with morphology and, drawing on parallels with living animals, even with behavior.

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The obese is ... in a total delirium. For he is not only large, of a size opposed to normal morphology: he ... more
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