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Field surgery is performed with rudimentary equipment and morphine is scarce.
He must have calculated how much morphine he could inject without losing control of a scalpel.
Researchers find that humans produce their own morphine.
The bloodstream floods with endorphins-the closest thing to morphine that the body produces.
The pain lessens and sleep comes when doctors start the morphine.
Morphine acts on a part of the brain known as the opioid system, which is linked to pain, pleasure and addictive behaviors.
So one day patients might get the keys to their morphine.
After a few minutes a pharmacist appeared, carrying packages of morphine.
Essentially, they propose a village level system turning opium poppies into medicinal morphine for the developing world.
The work further showed that the fewer receptors, the less responsive the animals were to morphine.
Browser junkies can rejoice, for the morphine drip of new betas is once again at hand.
Morphine pain relief masks and somewhat relieves pain.
But governments cannot expect as much monetary morphine this time.
The apparatus in the middle of the picture was designed to test the mental reactions of those under the influence of morphine.
Tobacco and nicotine have a potential for addiction that is similar to alcohol, cocaine, and morphine.
Opium which is extracted from the seeds of the poppy plant owes its properties to one dominant molecule- morphine.
In the study, the babies who got light anesthesia received the drugs halothane and morphine during surgery.
If that were the case, morphine would be far more cost efficient than striving for economic prosperity.
The idea is similar to the way in which an overdose of heroin or morphine is treated.
Morphine vs heroin is another example where one derivative of a substance is illegal, another one is useful.
But they could not do so forever, and when the morphine is stopped, the pain of withdrawal begins.
It is definitely more lawful, as long as the morphine is only being given to still pain.
Jennifer's morphine drip wasn't attached properly the first night after the operation, and no one knew it.
He ignored her overtures, until her friends informed him that she was in a suicidal depression and taking large doses of morphine.
Alkaloids familiar to humans include caffeine, morphine, and cocaine.
Only the morphine worked now, but it left her woozy and sleepy.
The fact that the behavior stops when you inject the fish with morphine only shows that morphine stops learning.
She is not yet on painkillers as she does not seem to be in pain, but morphine is available should she need it.
Nurses had given her morphine and tended to her wounds.
If it wasn't the morphine, it was the struggle with depression.
Some doctors believe morphine should be avoided for gallbladder disease.
One doctor injected a mix of blister fluid, morphine, strychnine and caffeine.
And he received enough morphine to ease his shortness of breath and to relieve him of that constant sense of drowning.
Opiate pain relievers, such as morphine or fentanyl, may be needed to control severe pain.
Opioids refer to synthetically produced substances that have the same effect as morphine or codeine.
During the final stages he had to be given high doses of morphine, as he felt continually as if he was drowning.
Tobacco is believed to be as potentially addictive as alcohol, cocaine, and morphine.

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