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And with the aid of digital effects, one style would morph into another.
Once college athletics got to be big money it was natural that it would morph into a model for organized crime.
Over the next five months these tiny missives would morph into a complex, engrossing and even lyrical narrative.
Markings on underparts are less distinct on rufous morph birds.
There's also a fun interactive station where you can literally morph yourself into an early hominid.
Click ahead for a look at how the traditional cottage garden can morph to fit your own personal gardening style.
But the promise of embryonic stem cells for medicine rests on more than their powers to morph into any body tissue.
Yet, over the past week, the drug firms' crisis has appeared to morph into something uniquely dark and dangerous.
Despite their reputation as static structures, galaxies often collide and morph into peculiar new shapes.
Key to treating some cancers may be blasting viruses that cause them before they morph into malignancies.
Self-reconfiguring robots can morph into a variety of shapes to traverse rough terrain.
Politicos who morph into journalists do themselves and their new profession no favor if they fail to shed their partisan habits.
At close range the oil drips and beads of sweat morph into fascinating and weird forms.
Two subspecies of side-blotched lizard that originated from populations with three morphs now have only a single color morph.
These projects morph into bloated bureaucratic make-work projects.
Left on their own, they gather in shape-shifting strands that morph into stable configurations.
Wireless phones are continuing to morph into personal organizers that include everything but the kitchen sink.
If it were to morph into a new party, it could lose many of its supporters.
Fold-down straps and top morph this comfortable dress into a causal skirt ideal for travel.
As our primate ancestors' intellects deepened, their bodies continued to morph.
One of the ideas students liked: physical objects that can morph into different shapes.
Auteuil can morph from a rabbity milquetoast into a shark.
Expedition racing is going to morph into an alternate form of adventure travel.
Tropical rainforests may morph into completely new ecosystems if climate change continues apace, researchers report.
Movie studios spend billions to morph strings of code into giant robots, flying superheroes, and apocalyptic mushroom clouds.
It will morph to accommodate changes in in thought or concepts.
My solution to getting that part of him to merge with his monstrous side was to have his face morph.
The position is heavily oriented towards academic advising and, eventually, could morph to include registrar functions as well.
As venerable sports traditions die or morph into silliness, people from all walks of life are making up their own.
Images morph into one another, everything unfolding with a haunting, dreamlike serenity.
At the same time, the term geek began to morph from epithet to honorific.
Predicting how the genre of the news story might morph is another.
The e-Ink tech allows images and text that matches the clarity of printed paper pages to morph nearly instantly.
Visions of government incompetence morph into visions of government infallibility when the subject is fighting terrorism.
But you can be certain the law will morph in the hands of shifting personnel and changing administrations.
My dismay at these half-brained actors is slowly beginning to morph into outright contempt.
Luckily for the forty-six workers orchestrating the night's quick conversion, this stadium is made to morph.
It's always interesting to see how these threads morph into something that has no relation to the blog.
They overlap with them-or morph, so that the old and the new may persist alongside yet another development.
Until recently, the promise of stem-cell therapy has centered on stem cells' ability to morph into virtually any kind of cells.
Certain growth factors spur stem cells to morph into specific kinds of cells, such as bone or muscle.
Eventually, a series of batteries will be set into the rotor blade and used to selectively morph it.
It would watch for traits, such as whether or not the user is detail oriented, and morph to complement that style.
Otherwise this is a good way to get all those chatters to buy new software to morph their pics to mean something new.
Keyboards morph, and smart phones and tablet computers render the home keys method almost impossible.
Cameras tend to cause the debate to morph into lowest common denominator theatrics rather than technical argument.
Which causes them to morph further, the green turning a mucky brown as the final compounds absorb light.
In order for a frog to morph into a lizard, it is going to need its genes to do some pretty wild and crazy productive mutations.
Vindication and vindictiveness can morph into one another.
When these ordinary high school students morph and gain power, their costumes become jump suits with helmets.
It is crazy how quickly some of the hits morph as retailers catch on and make adjustments to their sites on the fly.
These cells, when treated with growth factors and other substances, morph into the cells that form the rings on the trachea.
Apparently there has been dispute of when the polar bear morph emerged from the brown bears.
The fax machine can't morph into a toaster when you're in the mood for jam and bread.
The tissue engineer must convince cells to morph from a meaningless jumble of flesh into a functioning organ.
The weedy old steel mill slag yards will morph into a prosperous eco-development.
Straight lines morph fluidly into collapsing boxes, spinning diamonds and sharp triangles.
It has big third-act problems, when the caricatures are meant to morph into poignant humans.
Made abundantly clear is the camera's singular ability to both mirror life and morph it, expanding our perceptions in the process.
But sometimes when viral videos morph, it's all good.
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