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Example sentences for morose

He was unusually morose, even for a man who is usually morose.
I've been so morose today, thinking of everything I failed at.
Audiences also loved this biopic, which is loosely based on the life of a morose comic-book creator.
If he were less peevish and morose, all would be well.
When you have people waiting to die, you're going to have a morose environment.
The Cure went through a pretty morose period for a while.
My companions that evening, while certainly not clownish, were mutually morose.
The product of their labour can't be that excellent judging by the morose expressions on their faces.
He has become morose with your departure.
The morose one refuses to smile even when he has just had his teeth cleaned.
Because it was hopeful and positive, even joyous, rather than morose.
From childhood she had been inclined to fits of temper and when not angry she was often morose and silent.
He asks why she makes herself morose, looking at snapshots in the middle of the night.
Stand-up comics are usually kind of morose and dark people.
She was increasingly reclusive and morose and peculiar, retreating even from the gorillas.

Famous quotes containing the word morose

The morose one refuses to smile even when he has just had his teeth cleaned.... more
Is a man too strong and fierce for society, and by temper and position a bad citizen,—a morose ruffian, w... more
Democracy is morose, and runs to anarchy, but in the state, and in the schools, it is indispensable to resi... more
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