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Example sentences for moronic

It's a system so dead-simple many are bound to think it moronic.
He asked a moronic question of if complex number exists in physical reality.
It's moronic, but every once in a while it comes up with something amazing.
See, anyone can play the moronic game of citation oneupmanship.
If you cannot resist making a clever retort to a moronic message, write it, and then delete it.
It's the kind of moronic nonsense that can only be spouted by someone who doesn't have to take the risks of meeting a payroll.
Mandatory office hours on this scale are moronic, thought up by morons who have never been professors.
And the regalia they donned was more along the lines of t-shirts emblazoned with moronic slogans.
The former seemed moronic, the latter rich and interesting.
Hence your moronic statement about the global soils map.
Instead of your moronic comment maybe you should try to understand what the article is trying to say.
Political grandstanding and moronic propaganda without a shred of science in sight.
Moronic and shows some more problems with patents.
Please stop using moronic buzz words in a publication that is supposed to be accurate and, well, scientific in nature.
Turkeys are neither moronic nor prone to chronic downpour suicides.
No self-aggrandizement, no moronic gimmicks, no ceaseless quest for the gotcha moment.
The moronic author of that post responded and this is my response to him.
It's moronic, but every once in a while it comes up with something amazing.
He might have been funny at one time but now he's a pathetic bitter and moronic d-bag.
They get props for writing and producing their own material and for not subjecting us to moronic videos with frantic choreography.
To fill the hole dug by this moronic policy, the regime had some success improving its food distribution.
It's quite frankly a pretty moronic point but reflects the raw, unfocused anger we're seeing.
There would not be a lot of windmills built without the moronic subsidies.
As if the stoned line delivery and moronic behavior weren't enough to give the game away.
But the quest for knowledge excuses all sorts of moronic misbehavior.
But the guns and the moronic thugs are everywhere, in a plot that seems intended chiefly to keep the audience awake.
What your moronic opinion makers do, affects us globally.
Also, don't get teed off when the proposal gets rejected and the comments are moronic.
What is moronic is that you do not value research into the state of the global climate.
It's absolutely moronic to believe open societies must criminalize any belief to preserve its freedom.
Sorry to be rude but this is an absolutely moronic statement.
Stereotypical blonde beauties are bubbly and moronic.
And that's why this obsession with the past climate record is so moronic.
Also, no human being could survive the moronic radiation.
We don't think it at all moronic to start a phone call with a friend by asking how her day is going.
Anyone with college level chemistry knowledge know this is a moronic method.
They overbuilt nuclear power plants for years based on a moronic population growth estimate, which didn't happen.
If not you are showing a bit of a moronic streak yourself.
People are cool no matter where you go, as long as you're not an idiot and don't ask moronic questions.
Not all dog owners are irresponsible, rude, and moronic.
It punctuates the commenter's critique of a moronic city policy.
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