morbidly in a sentence

Example sentences for morbidly

Truth be told, they're so insecure in themselves or morbidly unhappy that they need to project their anger toward others.
The moral sensibility of the writer seems at once to be morbidly obtuse and morbidly acute.
That's mildly overweight--not obese or morbidly obese.
But the results are morbidly fascinating and give clues as to why some people are more willing to contemplate torture than others.
Some of the benefactors would be the morbidly obese.
My neighbors have great jobs with excellent incomes yet their two children are in the morbidly obese category.
There is no excuse for people to be medically or morbidly obese.
At a time when technologies no larger than dust motes are reshaping the planet, this strange wrecking yard is morbidly compelling.
The morbidly obese patients, whose weight stayed the same, showed a mild decline in memory.
Let the smokers and morbidly obese band together and pay a premium reflective of their lifestyle.
The article includes more links than you can shake a stick at, for the eco-morbidly curious.
From our resident labor humorists, an elf's tale of a certain jolly-and highly oppressive, morbidly rotund one percent.
Still others will morbidly contemplate the airborne-hunk-of-steel perplex.
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