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There's a morbid fascination with the business of death.
The frequently heard charge, that his stuff is morbid and joyless, is altogether wide of the mark.
My morbid humor caused me a wry smile when I saw, 'deadlines'.
Technically his “deathday” not his birthday, so apologies for the morbid sound of that opening.
Oates's fiction has the curious, morbid draw of a flaming car wreck.
The morbid and fearsome text makes an ideal match for Grimly's gothic aesthetic.
Black seemed too morbid, red too bloody.
What is there any real benefit to use this test… in some areas the trully genetic morbid conditions are extremely rare.
That which is enshrouded in fear becomes morbid.
For the record, I watched it out of morbid curiosity.
The rumination of depression is irrational, paranoid and morbid to the point of suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts.
As mentioned, it also completely ignores the co-morbid conditions esp mania and anxiety.
In such situations there is inevitably something morbid, in the description of them something monotonous.
The morbid process in paranoia actually uses the mechanism of projection to solve such conflicts which arise in the psychic life.
If sympathy becomes distorted and morbid, it hampers instead of helping the effort toward social betterment.
Morbid fascination aside, there is a tremendous amount to play with on the site.
Anyone who knows the morbid particulars of such situations knows that when a corpse attracts flies, the corpse smells.
It is grim, sometimes unnecessarily morbid, for in the initial sequence there are scores of dead bodies being loaded on a train.
What is offensive about it-what is hideous and gross-is the violent, undisciplined excessiveness of its morbid ribaldry.
Everyone on top lives with a morbid consciousness that fame-heat, stardom is a waterwheel.
At the same time, with the freaks, there is a morbid angle to them.
They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending.
They know government is on a morbid obesity diet, and we've got to rein in the spending.
Some find them morbid, disturbing places and wouldn't--pardon the pun--be caught dead in them.
The education of chance would prove unbalanced, morbid, profitless.
It was an increasingly solitary, morbid, and claustrophobic existence.
The urge seems, on first examination, a little morbid and unsettling.

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