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Standards of ethics and morality demand some answers.
But we have obviously shifted from one kind of fiscal morality to another.
Novels explore family connections, morality and the ballet world.
That fact makes morality just as fascinating as if it had a transcendent source.
Lincoln's appeal to higher morality towered over Douglas' personal attacks.
It was a matter of morality more than legality.
They reflect, too, the return to morality that the protest sparked.
Yet she also raises challenging questions about individuality and morality.
Honor and morality, as he notes, are independent variables.
But it is even more effective as a kind of modern morality tale.
Economics is a rational activity detached from morality.
And while they worked, the nation struggled to get a handle on the morality of what they were doing.
The students all disagreed about the morality of it.
Lastly, as a general comment, some of these comments seem to be mixing morality with truth seeking.
One of the great arguments against biofuels is the wisdom, if not the morality, of using land to produce fuel instead of food.
However, culture defenders always lose, and morality is for suckers.
Where that happens, they confound the sentiments of morality, and alter the natural boundaries of vice and virtue.
And they asked subjects to consider the morality of various acts.
Morality relates to flourishing of conscious creatures.
Especially the point about morality possibly following reaction versus reaction following morality.
They question the morality of our using remote-controlled aircraft to carry out attacks, resulting in civilian casualties.
Confirming some ancient truths captured in two morality tales from different cultures.
One is utilitarianism, the other is categorical morality.
It is telling a morality story that should give pause to all academics in power.
For all of those topics, the suffering or lack thereof during life is only one of many considerations that factors into morality.
And even if it isn't, all that enjoyment must be curtailed for morality's sake.
If the theory of childhood were true there would be no morality, and with no morality to build one on, no society.
The complementary instincts of morality and tribalism are easily manipulated.
The other thing that surprises people is the discipline in our ranks particularly towards issues of morality and restraint.
It's disconcerting enough that the law fails to require the level of certainty that morality demands.
The great law of morality ought to have a national as well as a personal and individual application.
It is a direct challenge to party ideology and morality.
How dare you hide behind a veil of your own morality that seems week.
The claims of morality here are recognized with difficulty in actual combat, and disputed when recognized.
Browning gently evokes the kinds of morality that could function in such a situation of extremity.
Relativism about morality has come to play an increasingly important role in contemporary culture.
But there is no honest way to tell their story as a self-congratulatory morality tale.
It is a weird little morality tale, told in a taut, telescoped style that gives the effect of a continuous close-up.
Forget about theory of mind, morality or even the culinary arts.
It might be termed a morality play, so direct and uncomplicated is it.
But the degree of morality and civility are always relative.
In their view, the rule of law includes elements of political morality.
By your logic, and your morality, the best way to encourage that would be to sell the opportunity to shoot them.
But in fairly wide swathes of the country current morality is pretty much unrelated to what the law actually says.
But this tactical error has nothing to do with morality.
As for morality, it's always expected that creditors blame debtors.
Think of that before you give us your morality lessons.
Scientists say morality may be hardwired into our brains by evolution.
The genes that favor this type of group cohesion would also favor an innate sense of morality and group loyalty.
Scientists have no more of a claim on the morality of medical research than any other member of society.
The strongest influence on morality is the local culture or subculture.
Also, there's an entangling of consumption and morality.
Definitely dig what you are saying about the morality of it.
They spend so much of their time making judgments about other people's morality.
Morality but may differ, especially in controversial areas.
Taken as a whole, these incidents have not revealed some new law of corporate morality.
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